How to Transfer Files from Ubuntu Desktop to Android Phone

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How to Transfer Files from Ubuntu Desktop to Android Phone

We have several options to transfer files from one device to another without involving any wire. Wi-Fi, internet, Bluetooth. The last option is seems like rarely used these days. But, it doesn’t mean that Bluetooth has been dead.

In fact, most newest devices still feature a Bluetooth for communicating with other devices wirelessly.

As you probably knew. Bluetooth is not only can be used for transferring files from one device to another. It can also replace wire on earphone, active speaker, remote control and other devices around you.

In this article we are going to narrow our discussion on a specific use of Bluetooth. We are going to discuss about how to transfer files from a Ubuntu desktop to Android phone. No additional software is required to do this. If your laptop/PC has no built-in Bluetooth you can buy a Bluetooth USB dongle if you really need it. I also use a Bluetooth USB dongle, by the way. Before transferring files from Ubuntu desktop to your Android phone (or receiving files from Android phone) you need to pair both devices first.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone and be sure you have set it to be visible to nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Open System Settings on Ubuntu and choose Bluetooth.

  • Add a new device by clicking the “+” button at the bottom-left. Select Phone on the Device type section. You should see your Android phone appear on the device list. Click on it and click Next to get the PIN.

  • Insert the PIN you get to your Android phone. If there is no problem you will have your Ubuntu desktop connected to your Android phone via Bluetooth and you can start sending/receiving files. As a sign that you have succeeded connecting both devices, you will have your Bluetooth icon turn to blue and you should see your Android device appear on the list when click on it.

  • To sending files just click on the Bluetooth icon at the system tray and select your Android device –> Send files.

  • Choose files you want to send and click on the Select button at the top-right corner.

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