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Nearly all people around the world have a social media profile. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything. Most people also provide their social media profile with a cute photo to make it more interesting

Sometimes, we want to looks different with our social profile by not putting a real photo of ours. As a replacement, we often add a cartoonized image or often called avatar. The problem is, not all of us has a drawing skill and have no idea at all to use Corel Draw and other drawing tool. Is creating an avatar really that hard?

Actually not. There are the number of free web apps on the internet forest that you can use to create your own avatar for ease. All you have to do is pick some elements and put them on the right places. Just like playing a puzzle

Below are the 4 web apps that allow you to create your own avatar

1. Face Your Manga


URL: http://www.faceyourmanga.com/editmangatar.php

2. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot

URL: https://mybluerobot.com/create-your-own-avatar/

3. Avachara Avatar


URL: http://avachara.com/avatar/

4. Marvel Superhero Avatar


URL: http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superhero

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