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5 Best Educational Search Engines for Student

Internet changed the way we get and access the information. These days, it’s completely easy to find any information we are interested in. Nearly all information can be found in the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

The question is, did the information we get really valid and relevant?.

Some people may don’t care about the source of information they get from search engine. However, if you perform a search for educational behalf, there is no reason to not checking the source. It sounds challenging but you can actually use a search engine that is designed for that need.

Google — the most well-known search in the world — has a specific search engine that is designed for student to look for any educational sources.

If you are looking for a search engine that is designed for student, you can consider to the list below.

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is just like regular Google you are using. Its role is to help you finding any information you need, with the simple Google-styled look. But, if you see at the result page, you will see something different. The algorithm of this search engine has been modified to meet every student need. And of course, you will see no ads at all on its search result page.

2. RefSeek

RefSeek also comes with a simple and clear interface to help you finding any educational information for your research or paper. It takes a more website-based approach, bringing up relevant but highly dependable websites for whatever you want to research. It’s a great way to pull up multiple articles relating to a specific object. For example, if you wanted to learn about computer processors, a search brings up lots of great articles.

Instead of just helping you finding the information via search field, RefSeek also has list of directory where you can find a specific site based on your field.

3. Citeulike

If you need an educational search engine to search for papers and studies specifically, CiteULike would be a great choice. The search engine will help you finding a specific paper on your field. Once you’ve found a paper you think you’d like, clicking on it will bring you to its page. Here, you can see all the websites the paper can be found on, export the article to different formats, and generate a citation template for that paper.

4. iSeek

There is no relation between iSeek and Apple. This is a helpful search engine that will help you finding great studies on your field. To help you keep focused on what you are looking for, iSeek comes with only 10 result per page, instead of tens. Each result comes with a direct link to the source, as well as an option to email results to people. The sources can also be rated out of five stars by other users which can help you locate the more important sources for your research.

5. Virtual LRC

As can be read on the front page of its site, Virtual LRC indexes thousands of educational sites selected by teachers and librarians worldwide to help you finding valid source of academic materials.

While it operates mostly like any other engine, the real key to working with Virtual LRC is its filtering ability. There are a few categories at the top of the page after you search; by clicking these, you can filter the results using the category you selected.


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