5 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Soft Skills

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5 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Soft Skills

Let’s say you have a very good skill on a specific field, programming for instance. After the graduation you start applying for a job at your craving company. Few years later, you find something wrong with your career. You stuck in your position while your colleagues have stepped on the next level. Then you start asking why.

There is a crucial thing that you probably don’t know. Life is not all about hard skill. You can be a master in your field. But, it also must be followed by good soft skills in order to go ahead.

Soft skills consist of several aspects and there are always some ways to improve them, and never too late.

There are 5 free online courses in Coursera that you can consider to improve your soft skills. Here they are.

1. Learning how to learn

There are many new things in this world that we didn’t know. Every time you interested in a new thing, just learn.

But wait. You may need this course to fasten your learning process of something. Taught by three instructors, you will be taught the better technique of learning. You will learn how the brain uses two very different learning modes and how it encapsulates (“chunks”) information. The course is interesting and engaging, with users reporting that the presenters are likeable and that the activities are fun.

2. Learning how to negotiate

Not only in business. Negotiation is important in every aspect of life. Even if you are just a worker. But, only few people mastered this skill. You can always improve your negotiation skill by taking some minutes to learn its basics.

You need to be commit for 7 weeks by taking 75 minutes per week to join this course. This course includes plenty of helpful video materials that demonstrate the skills vital for successful negotiation. As part of your learning, you will undergo a live negotiation process with a friend or online partner.

3. Learning how to become a good problem solver

Life is full of problems. Isn’t it?. No matter who you are and whatever your job, problem will always comes to you like the ants seeing sugar. That’s why problem solving skill is crucial, most importantly if you are working with a team.

This free course, taught by Rob Stone from University of California, will teach some basics of problem solving skill. This course also features videos to help you understand the materials.

4. Learning the successful presentation

If you want to learn how to do a better presentation, this course is good for you. This course will be taught by Professor William Kuskin from University of Colorado Boulder and is designed for beginner. You will get 14 videos and 4 readings to learn. This course is essential if you are looking to obtain a leadership position or wish to learn how to influence others in the workplace.

5. Learning how to become an influenced person

let’s be honest. You must be wish your ideas to be listened by everyone in your surroundings. However, it’s almost impossible when you are never, sorry, be considered.

Don’t be discouraged. You can always change the way people seeing you. By taking this course you can learn how to influence people. So when it come your turn to speak, people will pay more attention. This course is taught by two doctors from Ross School of Business.

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