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6 Cool Sites to Boost Your Productivity

No matter you are working at home or office, getting focus on just one task is highly challenging these days. Smartphone is the real temptation that often makes us less focus.

There are actually dozens of apps to help you keep focused on what you are doing. However, most of them only work on a specific operating system. Which mean, you have to stick on a single device.

Web browser-based app is the best choice if you are looking for a tool that help you keep focused and be more productive. The reason is quite simple, browser can be accessed with various of operating systems so you don’t have to stick on one device. Below are several sites that will help keep focused and be more productive. You can access them whether from your Mac, Windows, Linux and even Android.

1. The Magic Work Cycle

URL: http://www.magicworkcycle.com/

Like Google Search, The Magic Work Cycle comes with very simple interface but useful enough. The idea of this site is to help you dividing between work time and break time.

The Magic Work Cycle website allows you to time these thirty-minute bursts automatically. When one cycle is over, a sound plays, and the next cycle begins immediately afterward. You will enjoy using Magic Work Cycle either to focus on the work you need to complete or to ensure you are taking proper breaks to avoid burnout.

2. Coffitivity

URL: https://coffitivity.com

Coffitivity was built based on a study by the University of Chicago. According to the study, subtle ambience noise can help boost productivity. To provide that kind of sound, Coffitivity offers a long audio recorded from cafes; a softer morning tone, a more bustling lunchtime rush, and the “scholarly sounds” of a University campus cafe. In order if you really enjoy the service and want to listen more sounds you can register to the premium plan to unlock additional sounds.

3. Habitica

URL: https://habitica.com

This online resource will help you work while having fun. You finish the task, Habitica gives you reward. Sounds fun, right?

You can tell Habitica something you would like to get done. It can be daily task or something you want to finish today. Then Habitica keeps track of which tasks you’ve set for what timeframes. Once you have done, you can login to Habitica and tick the box to tell Habitica you did it. Habitica then rewards you with money and experience to help improve your character. If the deadline passes, and you didn’t tick the box, your character takes damage.

4. ZenPen


URL: http://www.zenpen.io/

This site will be helpful for those working with words. At fist glance it seems that there’s no different to other text editor – like WordPress editor or email composer. But, once you switch to the full screen mode by clicking the full screen icon the top left corner, your entire screen will be covered by ZenPen editor and you will be focused on what you are going to write.

As well as masking out all other visual distractions, ZenPen also has a few handy features. There’s a word counter if you’re trying to hit a goal, an option to invert the colours for a  black page with white text, and the ability to save what you typed to your computer.

5. Hootsuite

URL: https://hootsuite.com

In case you didn’t know. Hootsuite is useful tool to help you be more productive and save times on your social media campaigns. This is a worth tool if your job require you to spend more times on social media. Hootsuite lets you schedule Twitter, Facebook and other social media status for coming days and weeks. Most importantly, this tool is support for cross platform. Which mean, you can update the same post for Twitter and Facebook with only a single click.

6. Sanebox

URL: https://www.sanebox.com/

If you often be bombarded with dozens of emails everyday and have much time to read them, why not filter them and read which are the most important ones. Sanebox will dot it for you so you don’t need to spend your times reading all emails one by one. This online tool helps to summarize less important email in a format that’s easier for you to view.

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