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7 Web Design Trends for 2021

Web design service is an ever-growing industry based on technological creativity and artwork. Many companies are investing substantial capital in new designs and techniques to sell their products and services better. Some businesses may benefit more than others from a well-developed web design. However, there are very few market players that don’t convey their brand message through modern visuals. So, keeping up to date with web design trends for 2021 will almost certainly be of use — let’s start!

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Parallax animation

Parallax refers to the optical effect where an item’s position or direction appears diverse when viewed from a different angle. Avantgarde websites use parallax animation, especially when scrolling. Movement exacerbates the effect and results in an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

However, take into account that some people might find it hard to follow. For example, individuals with vestibular disorders might find it disorientating.

There are also more subtle ways of implementation without movement or restrained to a small screen portion. It would be counter-productive to distract the reader or diminish user experience (UX).

Augmented reality (AR)

Virtual reality, specifically AR, is a step further in immersive experiences. Recent software like WebXR API and similar apps have made the tech readily available. Most businesses could benefit from virtual reality, such as car dealerships, clothing lines, furniture shops, and many more.

In essence, virtual reality brings the consumer closer to your brand by simulating a “test drive” in the comfort of his home. Websites will close the gap between seller and consumer, increasing the chances of a deal.


Neumorphism is a design slang term that combines the words “new” and “skeuomorphism.” The latter refers to the design rendering of familiar and outdated materials into modern interpretations.

Similarly, Neumorphism is the newer way of designing a minimalist look where objects have an almost extruded, vacuum-formed appearance. It’s very similar to embossing/debossing techniques.

Generally, Neumorphism creates a dualistic yet clean elegance between minimalism and realism. Its uniformity soothes the user and simulates a tactile experience — very hip!

Colorful conceptualism

Patterns and colors can manipulate people’s feelings. Different people are better off with bright colors, while others enjoy the darker ones. Depending on what you’re advertising, colors and shapes can help you by influencing your target demographic.

More so, colors have a more practical use for websites. For instance, having the possibility of a dark mode can make your visitors shop more, color-blind settings are more inclusive, and so on.

3D visuals

Three-dimensional designs are becoming the new norm in web design. High-resolution screens of today are perfect for exhibiting your products and services through 3D representation. Nobody wants to see bland 2D graphics anymore. Also, smart designs can contribute to a better UX.

For instance, 3D product configurator allows the user to rotate and analyze your product or inspect a conceptual guide for your services. Also, by implementing drop shadows, gradients, and multiple layers, you can further increase the design quality. Well-built 3D objects have that “wow” factor that can impress viewers to the point of securing new potential clients.

Scrolling horizontally

Although not a recent innovation, horizontal scrolling is having a comeback in a big way. Web designers implement different scrolling techniques that best fit their design style. For instance, an art gallery or any particular succession of objects may benefit from custom scrolling.
Sure, one must not deploy horizontal scrolling just for the sake of it, but to improve UX. Exemplary implementation includes multiple scrolling options, using clear visual cues, and avoiding long text.

Retro fonts

Vintage becomes hip, and hip becomes vintage — it’s the circle of life. This year in 2021, retro fonts are cool again. Users are bored with the same dull fonts on most websites. Attention-grabbing letters and signs are starting to pop-up on news sites, assignment writing services, and scientific publications.

Vintage typography, reinvented stylization, and throwback fonts are paving a highly creative way of image branding. Different fonts give different vibes and are highly customizable. Bold styles can benefit brands by breathing new life into outdated content. Nonetheless, make sure it maintains legibility, as stylistic writings can sometimes be detrimental.

John Peterson is an experienced assignment help writer for an online write my thesis service. He works in a London office on most days of the week. John also wrote a novel called “His Heart.” You can find him on Facebook when he’s not outside playing tennis with his friends from college paper.org reviews.

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