9 Websites That Allow You to Sell Your Used Items

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9 Websites That Allow You to Sell Your Used Items

On a quiet evening you come home and find so many old stuffs in your room and you just realized it. You suddenly think of to put them in your shed or, for worse, think of to throw them to the trash can.

Don’t be hurry. Just because they are no longer in use it doesn’t mean that they are junk. Who knows there are other people out there who need your used items. So what?

Why not to sell them to get bit of money?

There are the number of websites that allow you to sell your old items and get bit of money from them. Here are the lists

1. Amazon


URL: https://www.amazon.com/

You may know Amazon as a giant online retailer. Did you know, you can also sell your old items on Amazon. The online retailer allows you to sell your unused items whether they are books, DVDs, gadgets or anything. In Amazon you can opt to sell your items and deliver them by your own or let Amazon to do it for you

2. eBay


URL: http://www.ebay.com/

Speaking of selling old stuffs online we can’t be far away from eBay, another well-known e-commerce site. eBay offers you an opportunity to sell your used electronic items, clothes, collectibles and more. eBay is also w well-known auction site. In many cases, eBay users sell their rare items in eBay with an auction method to get more money. If you own a rare item you can also adapt the method

3. Bonanza


URL: http://www.bonanza.com/

Bonanza is a market place that allows you sell you items like clothes, handbags, collectibles, jewelries, books and more. Selling new items in Bonanza is good but you also allowed to sell your old ones. Furthermore, Bonanza offers you a cool feature to allows you importing your items from Amazon and eBay. So, by adding your items in Bonanza you will have more branches of you store

4. Craigslist


URL: http://www.craigslist.org/

Craigslist is a global advertising platform that allows you to sell items and services. At first you will see a text-based ads in the front page of website but once you open a specific ad you may will see some images.

5. Offer Up

Offer Up

URL: https://offerupnow.com/

With Offer Up you can sell old stuffs to other people in your area. You can sell or buy the items whether via web browser or smartphone. You can sell your items in various categories in Offer Up starting from electronics, appliances, clothes, collectibles and more

6. SellMax


URL: https://sellmax.com/

SellMax is a specific e-commerce site that lets you sell your old cars. So, if you have an old car and think of to sell it, don’t be hurry to hire a car dealer before you try sell it by your own by putting it on SellMax or https://www.cars4us.com.au/.

7. Pro Tested Gear

Pro Tested Gear

URL: http://protestedgear.com/

If you are a cycling enthusiast and have some old bikes in your garage and think of want to sell some of them, then Pro Tested Gear would be a proper site to do it. Aside of bikes, this site also allows you to sell other items like outdoor gears and snowboards.

8. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child

URL: http://www.onceuponachild.com/

Once Upon a Child is lovely e-commerce site for moms. The site lets every mom to sell any used children clothes to get some cashes.

9. Antique Piano Shop

Antique Piano Shop

URL: http://antiquepianoshop.com/

Just like its name, Antique Piano Shop is the best website that allows you to sell and buy your old pianos. If you want to sell your old piano through this site and have no idea about how much your piano is worth, Antique Piano Shop will help set the proper price.

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