3 ASCII Art Generators to Turn Your Images to Beautiful ASCII Art

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3 ASCII Art Generators to Turn Your Images to Beautiful ASCII Art

American Standard Code for Information Interchange or well known as ASCII is a character encoding standard. ASCII consist of many characters you may don’t realize like numerical digits and special symbols like “#”, “&” etc.

Before computer turned into a modern display like these days, with so many colorful photos and digital artworks, previous people used to created an artwork by arranging thousands or even millions of ASCII characters using typewriter. Can you imagine how hard that task?.

Creating a typography art by collecting ASCII characters and arrange them into a specific form can be a funny task to spend your spare times. You don’t need to buy an old typewriter to do that. There are a number of online tools that you can use to transform your images into a beautiful art consist of ASCII characters.

If you want to jump to the primitive era of computer, you can consider these tools to create such a beautiful ASCII art.



URL: http://picascii.com/

PicASCII is very simple tool to easily turn your colorful images into a black and white ASCII art. Oh, you can also keep the color but with the minimum dpi. Once your photo is transformed, you can copy the HTML code and save them into “example.html” and reopen with your browser. The only minus of PicASCII it that the tool have so minimal ASCII character. You will only see characters like “#”, “@”, “+” etc. But this it’s useful enough to have fun.



URL: http://www.text-image.com/

This tool is actually allows us to add custom display by selecting our desired characters, background, image width etc. However, there is no HTML core offered so we have no chance to put the code on another place. The good part is, this tool is available for Android based smartphone and iPhone.

Glass Giant


URL: http://www.glassgiant.com/

Last but not least, Glass Giant is also a fun tool to allow you turn your images into a collection of ASCII characters. This tool has a minimal feature. It doesn’t allows us to choose a specific character like Text-Image. The tool will only turn your colorful image into a black and white ASCII art without no additional option.


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