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Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates, 2021

Any company, be it a startup or a large enterprise, is always trying to reduce resources for production, delivery and other related processes. These resources include not only budget, but also staff and time. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are one of the newest tools designed to help entrepreneurs automate dozens of processes and thereby increase productivity.

Backed by Google, this front-end PWA technology includes the qualities of native apps, incl. design, and also works offline and do not take up much space in the device’s memory. Despite the fact that PWAs have appeared recently, they have already managed to gain consumer confidence and enter the level of an independent market.

PWA templates make up a separate subgroup of PWA. Besides the fact that they are a very useful tool that saves a lot of time when creating a new app or transforming a native one, templates allow you to customize every stage of interaction with the app, so you can assume that you get an app developed individually for you almost free of charge. (You just download and install the template – and voilà!)

With PWA development, you can quickly get an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, with any browser, without having to keep track of updates – the app installs them for you. Moreover, PWA templates help you to speed up and automate all business processes. They can even serve as a foundation for you if you’re building a simple solution like an e-commerce app or blog.

PWA templates allow you to create personalized PWA apps without the need for coding.

Below is a complete list of the best PWA templates for 2021, along with a quick overview of each of them. So, let’s start!

1. WebViewGold – Multipurpose PWA Template

This simple solution provides an opportunity for newcomers to online store management to transform complex processes of working with a store website into a simple app with many functions and a user-friendly interface.

The app is designed to work with sites created using HTML and WordPress and Wix constructors. Versions for Android and iOS are available.

2. Finapp – Wallet & Banking Template

This PWA Template is an HTML Mobile and PWA ready solution for almost all types of financial transactions, including multiple cryptocurrency pages, incl. coin details, exchange and transactions. User-friendly interface allows you to operate as quickly as it’s possible in 2021.

The latest version of the template also includes support for RTL (right-to-left languages) and test modes. Moreover, since it is an HTML template, Finapp allows you to edit and customize the code yourself.

3. Instantify – PWA & Facebook IA for WordPress

This solution is a plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It includes not only PWA features, but also Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. With the help of simple settings, you can optimize its work to suit your needs.

For just $29, you get the opportunity to drive traffic on social media, increase sales, and customer and lead engagement.

4. WooCommerce PWA Template

With this template, you can turn your store into a user-friendly app that works both online and offline. The solution offers several options:

  • Template with a complete store interface;
  • A template for choosing products and placing an order;
  • A beginner template that includes basic functionality for startups onboarding.

Prices are variable, with a mean of $50.

5. WordPress for Learning Management System

WPLMS is a WordPress PWA template for e-learning. For just $75, you get a solution with many course settings and features that can be used by almost all video players and media downloaders, as well as all major browsers. It is the most advanced education WordPress PWA theme, covering all elements, from multi-user dashboards (teacher, students, parents etc.) to course customization.

6. ScandiPWA – a Magento PWA

This is an open source theme that is the fastest solution for turning your Magento store into a PWA. In just a few seconds, your store is up and running – and it’s all for free.

You can get a support as well – there are dozens of video tutorials on YouTube, you can also search over a hundred text guides on the Internet.

7. Advance PWA PrestaShop

This solution is slightly different from analogues. First of all, this is a rather high price – 140 euros / first year, then 40 euros / year. The basic and advanced versions are two different apps, which leads to a more complex user experience when interacting with the product.

It is also worth noting that the app installation and working with push notifications have some differences for Android and iOS. It can also negatively impact the user experience if the user changes the device.

8. Joomla PWA Template

Joomla PWA Template is a superfast extension to help you to make your Joomla site installable on any mobile device without need to coding from scratch.

The template supports push notifications, a customizable app icon, and multiple color themes and backgrounds with different transitions.

Prices and payment are negotiated directly with the developer.

9. Rabix PWA HTML Mobile

Rabix is ​​a Bootstrap PWA template with a highly customizable store layout features and clean code. For just $12, you get updates, more than 20 pages of modern commercial styling, a variety of fonts, and the ability to optimize for speed. The last element is the determining factor for the success of a PWA.

Rabix is ​​a multipurpose e-commerce PWA template built on top of HTML 5 and CSS 3 and with cross-browser support, which is best suited for online stores with a wide variety of product categories (from electronics to stationery and cosmetics) that want to provide seamless user experience.

10. Ionic 5 – A Food Delivery PWA

For just $29, you get three templates: a food delivery app, a restaurant app, and a custom app with general features, including:

  • Payment (PayPal);
  • Reviews;
  • Location and navigation;
  • Installation and operation manuals.

The software is supported in several languages and includes many restaurants with different types of menus.

11. QnA-Enlight – Automatic Forum Web App Template

QnA Enlight is a PWA script for Q&A sites. It is designed to work with user profiles, feeds and support ticket systems, which even includes a voting system and the ability to choose the “best answer”. It’s also perfect for creating online forums for brands, businesses, and even schools.

Furthermore, it allows your customers to quickly ask a question or post a request for a problem or suggestion, and the support team and moderators can quickly respond to them without being distracted by third-party apps or platforms.

12. NewsTime – News App WordPress Template

If you are a news buff or a professional in the news industry, this is the solution for you. Integration with WordPress and the Flutter framework will allow you to edit and publish news on blogs, websites and social media in a minimum of time and track feedback (likes, reposts, comments, etc.) from readers.

The price of the app is $29, all updates are free.


This collection of PWA templates contains key solutions for various categories of apps, incl. e-commerce, WordPress, food delivery, design, etc. You can choose one or more solutions for your business and use them in tandem. PWA templates are designed to save you time, money and other resources, while helping to increase your income, accelerate the growth and prosperity of your business, be it a hobby or business.

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