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10 Tips for Brand Building with Web Design

Building a brand is longer as hard as it used to be! With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW), popularity gaining is now easier than ever. Powerful tools like social media and email marketing are also used in conjunction with web designing techniques to make marketing easier and more fruitful.

It doesn’t matter if you have a full-fledged e-commerce web store or a simple blog — good marketing can make or break your brand. For budding bloggers, you can turn to the professional WordPress blog toolkit to improve content quality and reach.

And for others, you can read this blog for some helpful information.

Look around at the existing competition

A competition analysis is mandatory when it comes to developing and launching new websites. Every business venture before entering the market, has a good look at the existing brands that have already established a reputation in the industry. Consulting with a branding expert is also a great step to take. If you have a business headquartered in San Francisco, there are some branding agency San Francisco you can consult your brand with.

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces is a comprehensive research model that usually gives a relatively accurate report of the different and various competitive forces that help shape an industry. It helps to give business students a better insight into the kind of strategies that go into the corporate world and what it takes to create a good marketing plan that helps the company in the short and the long term. Hence, Porter’s Five Forces have become the most basic understanding of marketing strategies for most students.

Current competition

The current competition refers to the number of companies that exist when you enter the market that you have not set foot in yet. Experience and expertise are the two assets that every company and its brand earns in the market over long periods of time.

Future competitors

Future competitors are the possible brands that might be looking to enter the market that you are concerned with. A booming industry not only attracts more customers (and hence more business) but it also attracts a lot more competition as well.

Supply power

Here is the part where the understanding of the market and the brand comes in. When you figure out the supply power, you figure out the availability of the products and services in the market.

Customer power

Customer power basically refers to the buying trends and the essential control of the brand’s target audience in the market. You can use this to predict how a particular customer demographic is going to behave in a given scenario and time frame.

Threat to substitution

The threat to the substitution of a brand is when a customer shifts from one brand to another. Hence, when this happens, the primary brand is at a disadvantage and the secondary brand is at an advantage in that market.

10 tips that will help you build your brand with web design

Brand building is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It requires meticulous thought and consistent effort. Below White Peak Digital listed the tips that will help you build a brand with web design as efficiently as possible:

1. Make your website easy to find

This is one of the best and most crucial tips out there. You need to have a website that customers find easy to remember and find when they need it for their purchases or queries. The URL and domain name must be catchy, unique and memorable. Also, your brand name and logo must be clearly visible. This helps you stand out from the competition.

2. Optimize your website for mobile devices

Since most of the traffic on brand websites comes from mobile devices, you have to make sure mobile users don’t face any unusual challenges. The WYSIWYG website builders often help developers in this department. These platforms automatically create a mobile-optimized version of your website when you launch it.

3. Navigability

The website design must be clean, minimalistic, and navigable. Don’t add a lot of web pages or content on the website. Strive to make the interface more interactive and visually appealing. You can add animations, graphics, and images as well to engage the user. Make clear tabs and improve their utility to attract customers.

4. Remove clutter and ads

The customer or the visitor does not want to see obstructive and invasive ads when browsing your website. Adopt a minimalist approach. I know ads are a great source of revenue for the website, but it shouldn’t hamper the browsing experience.

5. Accuracy

Your website should be the paragon of information about you. Always add an “About Us” and a “Contact Us” page on your website wherein you can talk about your brand, the core services it offers and why it is better than its peers. You can even add social media handles for connecting with your readers better.

6. Avoid unnecessary complexities

Keep the website design simple to make sure customers find what they’re looking for easily. Also, ensure that the aesthetics of the website match your brand messaging and marketing. Simple things like the color scheme, fonts, and content arrangement can have a huge impact on your branding.

7. Have a call to action

Each web page of your website should drive the customer to do something. That is how you drive sales. You can have the CTA button or message at the beginning or towards the end of the web page. Some websites even prefer having a CTA pop-up as soon as the user enters the website. A quick tip- don’t overdo it.

8. Get a little personal

Ask for their feedback and their contact information. Use that information for other email marketing strategies or offer advertisements. Having a newsletter option is a great way to get more leads. It also helps you filter out the users and ensure that your email marketing strategies are more personalized.

9. Reduce load times

If your website loads faster, customers are more likely to exit your website page. Therefore it is always better that you test the website multiple times during the day. Google Analytics and other data-driven platforms give you ample insights on the traffic generation and usage.

10. Contact information should be clearly visible

This should be placed preferably at the start or the top of the home page for easy visibility.

The role of market research in brand building

Market research has always been a very important part of any business studies curriculum. Hence, it is very important for students to understand the depth of this concept and learn how to apply it in real-life situations. The situational analyses that students and marketing experts perform give them in-depth analyses into the external and internal factors that help in the making or breaking of an enterprise in a given market.

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