8 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing Cloud Storage Provider

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8 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing Cloud Storage Provider

No matter your company run on the tech field or not, you keep need the internet to grow your business. There are many internet based technologies that you can adopt to support your business growth, including cloud storage.

In the recent years, the technology of cloud storage has been adopted by more companies to gain their efficiency. Adopting cloud storage meaning that you don’t have to hire new employee on archiving. You can also save more cash on devices as your files will stored in the cloud.

With so many advantages of cloud storage, it’s unsurprising that this technology is being adapted more often by companies. However, there are several crucial aspects you should consider if you want to adapt it too.

1. Price

First and foremost. The most crucial thing you have to notice before deciding a cloud storage provider is its price. Remember that you will be using the service for a long term so be sure you have a good financial before deciding to purchase.

Most cloud storage basically offers a free plan to allow you storing files with limited space. However, if you want to use the service for a serious business plan, it’s better to register the paid service to get more spaces. Cloud storage providers commonly offer monthly and yearly bill.

2. Security and privacy

The common issue about cloud storage (and most internet-based services) is about privacy. Always remember that when you decide to use a cloud storage service, it’s mean that you will give some of your valuable data to the provider you choose.  You can find out how they will use your data on the term of service page. Don’t be blind about this.

To avoid the unwanted incident you can choose the trusted provider that you think will never use your data without your permission. Choosing a big players like Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive seems like is a saver way though these companies sometimes is sucks.

3. The compatibility with your OS platform

Instead of storing files, some cloud storage users also use the service to have a backup of their files. If you use the the cloud storage to backup your files, be sure to choose the one that offers a desktop app so your files will be automatically synced. Dropbox is the best choice on this term as it offers desktop app for three major operating systems; Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

4. Is it offers a mobile app?

The massive growth of mobile technology changed the way people work. They don’t have to stay at the boring office room to work. Aside of saving money, the other reason why people migrating to cloud service is about flexibility. If you a have cloud service installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can work from anywhere.

Installing a cloud storage on your smartphone/tablet will allow you to access your files from anywhere. This will be helpful when you have to access your files while you are on the go or not sitting in front of your PC. So, be sure your provider has a mobile app.

5. Server location

Storing files on the cloud storage doesn’t mean that your files will be stored on the “cloud”. You just transfer your files via the internet to be stored on the other physical server in somewhere else. So, it’s better to find out where they will store your files. If your provider stores your data in a different country, that country’s laws may affect who has access to it and how it can be controlled.

6. Business growth potential

The other important aspect to consider before choosing a cloud storage provider is your company growth. When your company goes bigger, chance that your need of cloud storage will change. Of course, to some extent you can address changes and growth when the time comes — however, certain elements of your cloud storage system may come into play with regard to growth.

7. Support

Technology is made by human. And, there is no perfect human in this world, as well as technology. Before choosing a cloud storage company, just be sure they have a good support. Most cloud storage companies have a help center page but they may come with a different approach of interaction.

8. Read the user agreement carefully

This may will waste your times but it’s very important if privacy and security really matter to you. Once again, using cloud storage service meaning that you will give your valuable data to a third party that you don’t know personally. And of course, your provider also has several rules you must obey.

Never store any prohibited files to your cloud storage provider if you don’t want to be trapped in the new problem.

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