4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

It’s not too hard to get a website online, and a design created these days. Companies everywhere offer one-click installs and web design services. However, that doesn’t mean getting people to your site and buying products is easy.

Unfortunately, not every business figures out this problem. Two-thirds of companies still don’t have a conversion rate optimization strategy.

Luckily, you can do a few things to increase your website conversion rate. Follow the four tips below to improve your marketing and increase sales.

1. Improve Your Call to Action

Getting visitors to your website is only one part of the conversion equation. If you don’t give people direction when they arrive at your site, there’s no telling what they’ll do next.

It’s wiser to give people a little direction. You can do this with a call to action.

Every page on your site should have some sort of call-to-action. It can be anything from leaving a comment on a blog post to visiting a product page to buy something. No matter how large or small the action is, request your visitors to take action on something.

2. Watch Page Performance

Even if you have a great website design, it isn’t worth much if people can see it. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to spot performance issues if you only check your site on your devices.

You’ll need to run speed tests to verify your website’s performance on screen sizes of all sizes and internet connections of all speeds. Doing this will help you find performance issues that can decrease your conversion rate.

3. Verify Search Intent

If you’re like many businesses, you do a lot of SEO work. You have a lot of content that ranks for articles, but that content may not convert many people to customers.

The problem here is search intent. If someone is coming for an informational keyword and you try to sell a product, it’s hard to get a sale. If you want someone to trust your brand, you need to give them what they came for.

Target buyer keywords if you want to sell and improve your informational content to push people into your sales funnel in other ways. Check out The Hoth to learn more about search engine marketing.

4. Monitor User Sessions

It’s hard to know what your visitors do on your page when they visit. Standard tracking tools only tell you basic information like time on site and visited pages. If you want more information, you’ll need to use heatmaps.

A heatmap is a visual representation of what each visitor does on your site. It shows you where visitors hover their mouse, elements that get attention, and other stats that tell you where someone sends their focus. You can use this data to optimize your site layout and draw attention to the critical elements on each page.

Always Work on Improving Your Website Conversion Rate

With how hard it is to grow website traffic, sometimes the best choice to increase revenue is to improve on the traffic you already get. Improving your website conversion rate doesn’t cost much but can deliver outstanding results. Use the tips above to improve your website conversion rates and start landing more customers.

Are you looking for more tips that will help you optimize your website? Learn more web admin tips by checking out the blog.

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