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How to Make a Car Website Marketable

The company’s website is its brand identity. The buyer of a product or service should feel comfortable when visiting it. Also, among the huge number of competitive companies and their variety in the market, the website must be “catchy” and user-friendly. We’ve put together some tips for owners of car-related businesses.

1. Ability to Select Interior Colour Online

Buying a car is a big step. Before choosing a particular model, buyers carefully compare several options among themselves, paying special attention to the design and colour scheme inside the interior. But it is not only about car purchase, but about car renting as well. For example, when a person is going to rent luxury cars Dubai it would be important to choose not only the brand of the rented car, but the outside and inside look as well. It is indeed an advantage of a rented car over the purchased one that you could choose different cars for renting even every day. Also, car renting is a good way to save your money and time in comparison with using a taxi or public transport while you are travelling or having a business trip.

Therefore, it will be great if you implement the possibility of online selection of the internal filling of the car. From this point of view it would be great to add an option where your site visitor can watch through the interior of the car in different colours, as there are many sites that help people get cars such as VINMentor online, and having a good design is important for them.

2. Select Country and City of Residence

This feature will help the buyer for a quick navigation of the availability of a specific model or configuration. Often, choosing the right product, it may turn out that it is not in stock in a particular country or city. By adding a form to the site with the choice of a specific country and city, you will solve this problem and save users time. By choosing their location, the client will be familiarised with a number of models that are definitely available in his area of residence.

3. An Infographic Company Story

This is a graphical way of presenting complex information for ease of perception and publication.

It is not necessary to design the “About us” page in a standard form. Visualisation will more clearly tell about your achievements and stages of development. Plus, this way of presenting information is more compact.

4. Online Registration for a Test Drive

It often happens that a client has decided on a model and wants to test drive it as soon as possible. By creating a convenient instant registration form, you show the user how much you value his time. Invite the client to sign up for a test drive in a matter of seconds by simply filling out the form fields.

5. Gamification

Even when creating a site with such expensive goods as cars, you should not forget about the effect of involvement and game elements. As an example, you can add a car mini-stimulator to the site or offer interactive activities like disassembling and assembling a car, studying its structure. Thus, your clients will spend more time at your website and will certainly remember it.

6. “Smart” Filter to Search for Products for a Specific Model

To facilitate the search for products among hundreds of similar ones, you should design and implement a form that helps you select the right products from the general content of the site without wasting time on additional searches.

7. Smart Navigation

Sometimes, when you visit a site, you want to see something new that you didn’t notice on other Internet resources. A site that adapts to the user, and works only by hovering over the selected elements. By implementing this on the site, you will definitely attract attention and prove yourself from the technical side.

8. The Influence of Colour on Shopping is Undeniable

It is the colour scheme that affects the subconscious and controls the emotions of the consumer when choosing a product. And this must be taken into account in order to create the best site.

A website selling cars and luxury clothing would look great in black. In all other cases, it is better to use this colour to highlight individual elements on a web page.

The design and content of the website is extremely important for the successful presentation of the product and its profitability. Therefore, you should approach this issue responsibly and thoughtfully. Also, we recommend you to apply practically the pieces of advice that we offered you above.

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