Improve Your Website’s Ranking After Its Redesign

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Improve Your Website’s Ranking After Its Redesign

Are you in the process of getting your website redesigned? If yes, you may be worried about its rankings falling down after the process is complete. Well, this is far from true as experts in website development and design such as this company have all the right tips in place to get you better search engine rankings than before. Read on to know more.

Get to the Top of Search Engine Rankings

Here, we have collated some valuable suggestions to help attain better search engine optimization (SEO). The inclusion of these SEO tactics will go a long way in raising your redesigned website’s ranking to the top of the charts.

1. Publish accurate and relevant content only

There is a no bigger driver for high search engine rankings than useful and accurate content. Given that high-quality content is a must for the success of your website, you cannot ignore appropriate investments for the same. Blake Davis from Digitrio says that many people worry that redesigning their website will make their ranking go down, but with the help of an expert you can improve your ranking. This also rings true in context to having relevant content that’s written by experienced content developers in your niche. Remember, there’s absolutely no alternative for good quality content for your website. Experienced digital marketing companies have access to the best writers to develop good content for your website. They help in improving your website’s relevance and authority by increasing your site’s traffic through the most relevant content.

2. Keyword research and optimization

Before you publish the content developed by experienced writers, do identify and target the right keywords for all the pages on your business website. Think of different ways in which your target audience can search for and reach your website while looking for what they need through an online search. The inclusion of the right keywords in the content would help search bots link search engine results to the same keywords in search queries. This, in turn, will increase the traffic to your website to result in more sales and conversions.

3. Use of multiple keyword phrases

It is not easy for webpages to get the best search engine rankings through multiple keyword phrases if they are not really similar. For instance, you may expect a singular page to rank for the keyword phrases ‘computer science engineering careers’ and ‘computer science engineering jobs.’ However, the same rank result may not be possible for keyword phrases like ‘dean of college students’ and ‘college student affairs’ as they are quite different from each other. In case you desire high rankings for multiple keywords phrases present within your portal, you’ll have to create separate webpages with the individual keyword phrases targeted by you.

4. Updating content is important

Most search engines bank upon the content of websites to find them relevant and trustworthy. Regularly updated and newly published content is considered as a strong measure of the relevancy and efficacy of a website. Therefore, it’s important to keep generating and publishing fresh website content as frequently as possible. It’s recommended that you conduct an audit of the content published by you in line with a pre-defined schedule for gaining the best results. Keep including updates, as and when necessary, to get what you deserve in terms of higher ROI for your website.

5. Take care of metadata

When you are getting your website redesigned, don’t forget to retain space for metadata. All webpages comprise of space within the <head> tags for the insertion of metadata. Basically, it tells visitors about the nature of your webpage, what it contains, and so forth. Once your website redesign is complete, the web design company hired by you will update and review the metadata to make it relevant for what your current website has on offer.

6. Use alt tags

Alt tags are very helpful in describing your video and audio data. Alternative text, or alt tags as they are commonly called, permit search engine bots to look up your website pages quickly. This is very important for visitors using screen readers or text-only browsers to get to your website.

Last Words

These are just of the many ways of making improvements to your search engine rankings after redesigning your website. You may want to reach out to a professional digital marketing agency of your choice to get further inputs and resources. Once you have an SEO friendly, fast-loading website ready, you may look forward to getting the best returns through high search engine rankings. While SEO is crucial for a website, you should not ignore the user experience aspect when redesigning your website. Hiring a UX design company can be a great idea for the best result as it can help you get an SEO-optimized website without sacrificing the user experience.

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