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8 Free Online Mind Map Tools to Boost Your Creativity

You probably already know this. That human brain can remember visuals better than words. The question is, what if you have to remember more words though you don’t like to do it?. The simple but proven method that you can try is by creating some kind of diagram. You create a circle (or any form you want) and put your main topic on it. Then draw several lines to any directions and create more smaller circles.

That’s the main idea of mind map. Sounds simple, isn’t it?. But it is a proven method to enhance creativity. This method has been widely used by smart student to review notes. While workers use this method to brainstorming.

Few years ago, you can only use a pen and paper to mind map. But now, with the massive growth of web, you can do it in your browser. There are a number of free online tools that you can use to mind map. Without having to download and install a chunky software. Here are the tools.

1. Coggle

The first cool tool that you can try is Coggle. With this tool you can create beautiful and colorful mind map and download it to be read offline as PDF or image file. There are a number of templates that you can use. You can use Coggle whether online or offline. Coggle comes in three flavors; Free, Awesome, and Organization. If you enjoy using this tool and feel that the free version is not enough you can register to the paid ones starting from $5 per month.

Other cool thing about this tool that its availability on Google Chrome extension. This tool also can be used when you are not connected to the internet.

2. Text2Mindmap

Text2Mindmap is pretty cool. You can create a mind map with this tool without having to create an account. When visit its page, you will be welcomed by a standard template. Just change the default texts with the ones you want and press the CTRL+enter button to apply. You can also change the favorite colors with your favorite ones.

It’s right that Text2Mindmap can be used for free. However, as mentioned on its page, it is easier and more fun with an account. Text2Mindmap offers paid packages starting from $5 per month.

3. Sketchboard

You can also use this tool for free without having to create an account, but with limited feature. Sketchboard is great tool to create — not only mind map — but also software diagram and road map. You can choose the menus on the right side.

Like Coggle, Sketchboard also available for Google Chrome as an extension. To get the most out this tool it’s better to create and account before you start using it. The cheapest paid plan of Sketchboard is $7.

4. WiseMapping

You can also start using WiseMapping without having to login. An useful mind map template is already awaited. You can change its standard texts anytime. Though you can use this tool without login, it’s highly recommended to create an account first before you get started as you can’t save your work.

The other wise thing of WiseMapping is that you can also get its source code. Yes, this is an open source project. So, if you have a good skill on programming you can also involve your self in the development of WiseMapping.

5. Bubbl.us

Comes with an intuitive drag and drop interface, Bubbl.us is also a great tool to create mind maps. This tool has been around since 2006 still exist until today. With this tool, you can start working and download your work as JPG or PNG file. If you have not finished, you can save your work to be done again another day. But you have to create an account to do this.

Bubbl.us is also a great tool to collaborate with your office mates as it is also offers a presentation mode. You can demonstrate your idea to your colleagues.

6. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is also a great to collaborate and create a personal mind map. With its basic account you can create up to three mind maps. This tool also offers an intuitive drag and drop interface which is very easy to use. If you plan to use this tool to support your business, you can register for a premium account to get the most out of it.

Mindmeister also offers a mobile app (Android and iOS) which mean you can access your mind maps from anywhere with your smartphone/tablet. Mindmeister also comes with a good file management as you can save your works on a folder.

7. Mind42

Another web-based mind map tool. Mind42 (pronounced “mind for two”) emphasizes the collaborative nature of brainstorming and mindmapping. Though is tool comes with an annoying ads (free account), it’s still worth to use. This tool requires you have an account before start using. If you have any problem using this tool you can read the user guide page.

8. MindMup 2

MindMup 2 is integrated to Google Drive so before being able to use this tool you have to login using your Google account. The idea of integrating MindMup 2 with Google Drive is really useful for collaboration as you can share your personal thoughts to your colleagues easily by using its sharing features.

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