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9 Best Online Presentation Makers

When it comes to presentation maker tool most people will usually think of Microsoft PowerPoint. Okay, this software is pretty cool. But, is it the only presentation maker tool out there?. Of course not. There are even online presentation maker solutions that allow you to create presentation without having to install additional app.

If you don’t have good enough skill in creating presentation file, you probably need a presentation maker that offers more ready-to-use templates. Most online presentation maker offers richer attractive ready-to-use templates than Microsoft PowerPoint does.

Well, not all online presentation makers offer dozens options of ready to use template. At least, you don’t have to waste your money only to create a simple presentation.

Here is the list of online presentation makers that you can use.

1. Visme

Visme is a pretty cool online presentation maker tool. The interface of this tool is not far different to Microsoft PowerPoint, but it has more ready-to-use templates. The theme of the offered templates are vary from financial report, social media report, science project to pitch. In addition to template, there are other ready-to-use items like animated text and text blocks to make your presentation be much more attractive. There is also a preview button to preview the current slide you are working on.

Visme allows you to add multiple slides. Once you done with the presentation, you can publish it as well as downloading the file of it. Unfortunately, free account is only allowed to download the presentation file in JPG. You can’t also remove the Visme branding logo.

2. Canva

Canva is a good product. We have mentioned this tool several times like here and here. Canva is an online tool that offers several services, including presentation maker. The presentation maker offered by Canva also has a PowerPoint-like interface with the main canvas is located at the center of the screen and a side panel to select templates. Canva offers plenty of layouts which you can select based on the presentation concept you want to create. The only downside of Canva is that it doesn’t offer any animated text like Visme.

Canva also features a preview button to enable you previewing the current slide. You can also add as many slide as you want. Free account of Canva is allowed to download the presentation file in PNG, JPG and PDF. With no branding logo like Visme.

3. Emaze

If your intention of using online presentation maker is to replace Microsoft PowerPoint then Emaze can be a good stop. You can import the PPT files you created with PowerPoint to this tool. There are 6 categories of presentation you can choose in Emaze. From Business, Education, Art and Design, Marketing, Sales to Training. Emaze itself has one thing on common to Canva. The tool is not specifically offers an online presentation maker. Instead, it also offers a website maker, photo album maker and e-chard maker.

Emaze also offers dozens of ready-to-use templates which you can use for free. This online presentation maker also allows you to add several additional elements to the presentation you are working on, from image, video to shapes. There is also a preview button to enable you previewing the current slide. Emaze allows you downloading the presentation in HTML, video and PDF.

4. Prezi

If you are a startup founder and need to create a presentation for pitching you probably want to give Prezi a try. There are plenty of ready-to-use templates offered by this online presentation maker that are designed for startup. Plus, you can also invite several collaborators to work together in making the presentation.

Prezi is absolutely a great online presentation maker. It comes with dozens of attractive features. Sadly, this tool consumes too much memory so that it can be a pain to run this tool on a lower specs computer. If you have a high-specs computer and need a feature-rich online presentation maker Prezi can be your best option.

5. Slidebean

Slidebean is also an online presentation maker that is suited for startup activists. You don’t have to work alone in preparing your presentation. Slidebean allows you to invite collaborators to work together. Slidebean has several ready-to-use templates that startup founders will love to (find the all here).

But overall, the features of Slidebean are not far different to other tools mentioned above. You can also preview the current slide. The only downside about Slidebean is that it doesn’t offer a download option. Same as Prezi.

6. Biteable

Want to create a video-based attractive presentation? Biteable can be your best choice. Bitetable also tends to ideal for creating business presentation although you can also use it for creating a presentation for other needs. Since Biteable is video-based presentation maker it may takes some minutes to prepare your presentation once you done with the creating process.

Biteable has provided you with plenty of ready-to-use animations you can apply to your presentation. Additionally, you can also upload your own video if you have one. Sadly, Biteable also doesn’t offer a download option, unless you upgrade your free account. Your presentation will also be bothered by Biteable logo if you create your presentation using free account.

7. Powtoon

Powtoon is also a great choice if you need to create an animated presentation. There are plenty of animation-based templates offered by Powtoon. In Powtoon, you can add cartoon characters or adding your own media. Powtoon is really a good choice for creating multimedia-based presentation. Once you done with your presentation, you can upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo. The best part about Powtoon is that you are allowed to export your presentation to PPT, even if you create your presentation using free account.

Since PPT can also be open using LibreOffice and OpenOffice, you don’t have to rely on internet if you need to use your animated presentation.

8. Google Slides

Chances are, your intention of using online presentation maker is to replace Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a part of Microsoft Office. Speaking of Microsoft Office alternative, online alternative in particular, we can’t far away from Google Docs. As you know, Google Docs consists of several programs, including Google Slides which you can use to replace Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentation online. Don’t get it wrong, Google Slides also feature-rich enough.

Google Slides might has not much attractive ready-to-use templates like other tools above, but it is more than enough to create a simple presentation whether for education needs, business. Anything. It’s all about your creativity.

9. Zoho Show

Zoho Docs is another online office suite that can be an alternative to Microsoft Office. It also has presentation maker called Zoho Show. Zoho Show is quite similar to Google Slide in terms of interface, but this online presentation maker comes with lacks of template option. Nevertheless, Zoho Show is worth-trying enough if you are looking for an online presentation maker. Although it probably doesn’t offer attractive template as you want.

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