5 Free Online Tools to Allow You Creating Beautiful Infographics

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5 Free Online Tools to Allow You Creating Beautiful Infographics

There are many ways to share our thoughts. Text is still become the most-used method to do that. In some cases, we need additional images to strengthen our argument. Our brain will process any visual information better and faster than words. That’s why the use of infographics are rising rapidly these days.

If you are working for online media or something like that, chance that you sometimes also need an infographic to sharpen your article. If you are not familiar enough to Corel Draw or Photoshop, you obviously is going to fall in problem. Creating an infographic is never that easy. Even if you are a graphic designer.

However, you don’t need to be frustrated at all. There are the number of free online tools to allow creating a beautiful infographic. Fortunately, those tools require no drawing skills. Below are the 5 free online that will allow meet your infograpic need

1. Piktochart


URL: https://piktochart.com/

Before get started with this tool you have to create its account first. Once you have a Piktochart account, you can start creating any infographic you want. In order to create a complex infographic you can upgrade your free account to premium. But, if you just need Piktochart for a simple infographic, free account is enough.

Piktochart comes with its grid lined templates to make it easy to align graphical elements and resize images proportionally

2. Infogr.am


URL: https://infogr.am/

Similar to Piktochart, Infogr.am also require an account before you can start creating. Once you created Infogr.am account you can start play your pointer to create better story for your audiences. In order, if it’s needed, you can also upload photos and videos to create cooler infographics with Infogr.am. This tool also offer a premium account to enable you accessing all of its features

3. Vizualize


URL: http://vizualize.me/

You can use your LinkeIn account to sign in to Vizualize and start creating any infographic that you want. Vizualize is a simple tool to enable you express your professional accomplishment in a simple but cute visualisation

4. Venngage


URL: https://venngage.com/

Venngage is also a tool that require you to sign up before start using its service. Venngage is completely easy to use. This tool offers you the number of free templates, icons and charts to ease your work. You can also upload you own image or creating your own template to match your brand. In order if you need more features you can also pay for the premium features

5. Easel.ly


URL: http://www.easel.ly/

Again. You should also have an Easel.ly account before get started. There are the number of gorgeous templates waiting for your touch. If you think that the available templates are excessive, you can restrict them by selecting the category available on the right sidebar.

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