Self Storage SEO: Here’s How to Optimize Your Websites

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Self Storage SEO: Here’s How to Optimize Your Websites

Have you been looking for the best solutions for optimizing your websites with high-end self storage facility? Do you want your portal to gain enhanced search engine visibility to facilitate advanced search queries like, “air purifier distributors near me?” If the answers are in the affirmative then you need self storage facilities that are designed to cater to a customer base residing within a three to five miles radius. In case of self storage SEO, the focal point is localized search engine optimization (also referred to as Local SEO) that’s impactful in attracting new customers.

In self storage type of SEO, most optimization steps are simple and easy-to-implement. They can be performed through the selection of the correct “stack” of marketing and SEO tools. We have tried to assemble the important parts of self storage SEO in the guide here to help you leverage the advantages of maximum website optimization. An experienced web marketing firm, with expertise in data driven and local SEO results, can help you attain the website optimization outcomes you seek. Read on for more.

Self Storage SEO: Guide for Important Points to Consider

1. Mobile Responsive Website

Are you still operating with your non-mobile friendly old website? You may want to upgrade your business to incorporate local self storage SEO as soon as your budget permits. With local self storage features and search capabilities, you can get a robust website that’s accessible to visitors on a laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile or just about any other related device. By investing in a “mobile-friendly” site you can help users read everything clearly with easy-to-press buttons.

The modern “mobile responsive” versions of business websites are endowed with self storage facilities. To help your users further, the website information should have the rates, unit sizes available, phone number formatted in the form of “click-to-call”, as well as your business address for prospects. Your self storage operator can help you gain a lot of sales mileage by providing you with a mobile friendly portal that presents a lot more than clear, accessible information.

2. Citations & Business Listings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes local SEO that helps businesses that serve local clientele. On the other hand, self-storage SEO allows your business to appear in top organic search results so that it can be found by your target audience. A critical component of Local SEO rests in the development of citations or listings in business directories. Say, if you’ve searched for restaurants, you’d be familiar with business directories like YellowPages, TripAdvisor, BBB, Yelp, and others in the same category. In terms of local SEO, Google considers citations act as a determining authority for subsequent search results and websites. Therefore, listings and citations may be considered as an essential part of the approach for developing search visibility for the cause of self storage.

You may either develop citations through manual means or by utilizing third-party Local SEO platforms. An important consideration for the development of citations relates to the consistency of data, wherein the business details (like address, name, and phone number) are exactly the same as given in your website. Additionally, it’s essential to fill up all the available fields, including hours of operation and business description to make the most of the many advantages of self storage SEO. Invest in high-quality images that are formatted to specifications. These images may be used in citations for depicting your business office, exterior of your work building, the units, team members, happy customers, or drone footage. Overall, citations are a good means of providing your prospective customers with a feel-good factor for your business facility, and attain the critical attributes of reputation and trust.

3. Reputation Management with Self Storage SEO

You can create a strong online reputation for friendliness and apt customer service by developing citations. Well-created listings and citations are impactful in influencing your facility’s online reputation positively. This type of reputation management is an important function of local SEO. It optimizes your visibility on search engine results and allows you to leave a mark on them. In turn, you can gain a certain degree of control on the online profile of your business (and as it appears to your prospects).

Your investments in reputation management also allows you to monitor online reviews fitfully. By claiming and controlling your business profile on third-party sites, you can allow for more effective and fruitful responses to user engagement. For instance, if you are running a mom-and-pop store or restaurant, you’d know the importance of giving off effective services to get great reviews.

Yet another way of gaining a strong online reputation lies in assessing, mitigating, and responding to all negative reviews in the most effective manner as possible. Do note that your prospective customers desire to see quick management responses and positive reviews to all kinds of potential issues in order to gain trust in local brands. Experts in online reputation management can help you reach your goals by giving you advice on how to connect with your audience through positive channels. They facilitate good online reviews, and take care of the issues of negative responses that’s likely to backfire for your business.

4. Backlinks to Local Communities

A very challenging aspect of SEO relates to the task of attracting and developing backlinks to your online business website. It would not do you good to get just about any links as they’ll not carry any value. The idea is to get connected to ‘high-authority’ sites through these links. This is specifically true in terms of self storage SEO as the customer base for your facility is localized and falls within a radius of three to four miles only. The backlinks from authority sites tend to carry a lot of weight and make you a part of global communities along with the local ones. You need to engage with and support other local communities to raise the authority of your website and increase brand visibility. To attain this end, you may want to begin by ensuring full profile publishing on the portals of all local organizations that you are a member of.

Some popular ideas for getting more visibility through backlinks include:

  • Publishing of guest articles and posts in local newspapers
  • Sponsoring any little League team to gain visibility
  • Issuing press releases to local bloggers and papers to procure additional press coverage like an inclusion on a panel or an interview
  • Taking up memberships of affinity groups to gain recognition with a target audience, and so forth.

5. Keyword Optimization

Having SEO professionals carry out the initial single pass for keyword optimization can trigger off a profitable journey on the digital path for your business. There are many affordable and budget-friendly self storage SEO agencies that promise effective optimization of keywords to facilitate your progress on an ongoing basis. In a small way, keyword optimization helps in building your site’s authority and helps in throwing up positive local search results.

Find a Self-Storage SEO Agency Near You

Adding the term “near me” to search engine queries has become a norm in the past few years. It’s increase in popularity can be attributed to the usage of voice search capabilities and the escalation in the adoption rate of mobile devices by users. If your website has quick loading features and works well on mobile devices, you should have little problem in enjoying the rewards of self-storage SEO. In addition, you can aim to achieve increased authority with the help of quality backlinks to rank high on relevant searches, inclusive of “near me” queries.

Gear up to attain the many benefits of self storage SEO and localization of your online business by getting in touch with experts. Search for them by typing ‘near me’, or opt for more advanced global search capabilities to hire the right professionals only.

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