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How to Setup Custom Domain on Tumblr

Many people believe that domain is an essential part of blogging. A domain (like play a role like a home address in the real life.

Managing your own domain doesn’t mean that you have to buy a server to install your CMS (WordPress for instance). Several free blogging services such as Blogger (Blogspot) and Tumblr allow you to add custom domain. Which mean, people will know your blog as “” instead of “”. The most fun is, you don’t have to pay more for a server as your articles and medias will be hosted on Tumblr (or Blogspot).

If you want to set your own domain on Tumblr, this article will show you how.

We assume that you already have a Tumblr account so we are going to start from a buying a domain step.

Step 1: Buy your domain

Sure, you have to own a domain in advance to go further. You can buy your domain on GoDaddy, Namecheap or your favorite domain registrar.

Step 2: Manage your DNS

This step is a main part of adding your own domain on Tumblr. Please follow these steps to do.

  • Login to the client area (or something similar) on the registrar where you buy your domain. You should see your domain listed there.
  • Select “Manage” to add custom DNS on your domain.

  • Click on the DNS management.

  • The next step is adding a new record. This is a vital part so be careful. In the domain record field, select “A” from the drop-down menu of record type and then enter IP address in the IP Address target. is the IP Address of Tumblr. Click save once you done.

Step 3: Setting a custom domain on your Tumblr

You almost done. The last part you have to do is setting your domain on Tumblr. To do this, login with Tumblr account and go to the setting page. And then select your desired blog.

On the username section, please click on the pencil icon. Activate the “Use a custom domain” option and type your domain. Click the “Test domain” link to let Tumblr check the status of your domain.

Please note that the propagation progress of your domain can take up to 72 hours so you can’t do this part immediately once you done setting the DNS. Once everything is done, click the Save button.

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