The Personal Letterhead Template That Makes Your Event Creative

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The Personal Letterhead Template That Makes Your Event Creative

In the age of fast internet, texting and emails, letters have become kind of an oddity reserved only to a niche of passionate, nostalgic people who are attracted by the ‘’authentic’’ feel of a physical letter. And together with letters, letterheads have also joined the ranks of dying art forms. But contrary to popular belief, the days of letters and professional letterheads are not quite over, as they are seeing a sudden resurgence in popularity and usage.

If you are planning an event and want to add a smidge of creativity and personality to it, you should consider opting for a well-designed letterhead. But since making one that looks creative is original is not a walk in the park and requires some experience, you might need some help with that. Therefore, we have comprised a short list of templates that will make your letters truly stand out. Here are a few personal templates that will make your even creative.

What is a Letterhead?

In short, a letterhead represents the heading at the top of a letter. It usually contains the name, an address and, in certain formal or business contests, the logo of the company or the corporate design. Some letterheads even contain background patterns for branding purposes.

Even though letterheads are easily replicable through modern technological means, experts continue to use them as a sign of authenticity. In the same vein, you, as a person, can use letterheads as an expression of your own stylistic preferences and personality. In the following entries, we will show you a few templates that will help you make your event more creative and unique. If you are interested in seeing more elaborate letterhead designs, do not hesitate to check out a specialty website dedicated to this area of interest.

Example 1 – Wedding Personal Letterhead Template

Even today, when you can invite everybody to your event in a few seconds by simply sending a mass text, it is still customary to send each of your potential guests a physical wedding invitation. Usually, the bride and groom are not pressured to put too much effort into the design of the invitation, as most people do not expect anything more than a piece of paper with their names written on them.

But if sending out tens, or even hundreds of physical wedding invitations is still the norm, why should you not strive to make it look as best as possible? Instead of sending a regular invitation, you could send a carefully written letter, accompanied by a unique, elegant letterhead. And, if you take the time to add in as many personal details as you can, the better — your potential guests will be impressed by the amount of effort you have put into it when most people would have resorted to just adding the names of the guests and a few words.

Example 2 – Letterhead for Holiday Events

The holidays are slowly approaching, the decorations are up, the presents are bought and accounted for, and you have taken some well-deserved time off from work to enjoy the peace and quiet of this wonderful season. Suddenly, a thought flashes through your mind — why not take this opportunity to organize a small party for your loved ones? After all, in this time of the year, you have the highest chances of getting everybody together in one place.

So, after you buy all the necessities of a good party, you could take everything a step further and send out letters with elaborate letterheads as invitations, instead of typing a few measly texts. With enough effort and care put into the writing and the design letterhead, you can create something that could be considered a gift in it of itself. Moreover, your loved ones will surely appreciate the work that you have put in.

Example 3 – Monogrammed Personal Letterhead

But let us put weddings, the holidays and other special occasions aside for a minute and assume that you want to organize a party, or throw an event. But not just any event, a thematic event. Maybe you are raising funds for a charitable cause, or simply want to organize something special that people will remember.

Since historical themed parties are still pretty popular nowadays, with a little effort and planning, you should have no problem convincing people to attend — especially if they were keen fans of thematic parties, to begin with.

One good way of getting everybody excited for your event, and fully immersing them into the theme of the party, is by adding monogrammed letterheads to your invitations. Letters are already considered old school, but by adding this particular letterhead design, you will enhance its vintage look even further. After all, there is no better way of inviting people to your Victorian themed event than how, well, folks did it back in the old days. That is why a letter, coupled with a monogrammed letterhead, will add an extra level of realism and authenticity to your thematic party.


Even though letters have fallen out of fashion in favor of more fast means of communication, they are still deeply appreciated by a niche sustained by nostalgics. And if you want to attract attention to your event, there is no better way than writing a letter and coupling it with an elaborate letterhead design. If you are unsure which template you should use, hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight and will help you make the right choice.

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