6 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Website

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Website

In today’s digital era, businesses are expected to have an online presence, including a website.

A website helps you showcase the products and services your business offers. Also, it can help your business become more credible and attract more clients. But for you to build a good website, you need to plan beforehand to improve the website’s quality and understand how efficiently and effectively you can build it.

Below are six things you can do before establishing a website for your business to ensure it is successful.

Know the Purpose of Your Website

Why do you want to create a site? Who do you want to attract? What objectives are you seeking to attain?

Although there’s no perfect answer to these questions, it’s best to know your answers and get clarity on the goals you aim to achieve.

You can build a website to promote your brand, sell services or products, connect with your partners, or provide educational information. When you know your site’s purpose, you’ll keep your goals front and center when creating the website, especially if you consider the Website as a Service model.

Know Your Online Brand Name

Before committing to your business/website name, you’ll have to check to ensure that it’s not already taken. You should check the availability of your domain to ensure there are no other active websites with a similar domain. Also, if you plan to claim your business as an LLC down the road, you’ll need to be sure the business name isn’t taken. You’ll need to confirm that any social platforms you’re considering using have a relevant handle for your website’s name as well.

Determine the Type of Content You Need

You should also understand the type of content that will appear on your website. As you create your website, your content will attract more people to your site and make them stay and interact with your brand. This is mainly essential when it comes to convincing your customers to purchase more. It also helps you to better rank your site on search engines such as Google. In addition, your content will help set your business apart from the competition.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay attention to your audience and the type of content they’d enjoy. It’s imperative to have a mixture of images, videos, and written content. When in doubt, you can work with a WordPress development agency or look at your competitors.

Think About Your Branding

Your website acts as the proverbial shop window for your organization on the internet. This means you’ve to think of your branding before building a website.

Your branding should pair well with other forms of marketing you do for your business.

To streamline your website’s design, some of the things you need to identify include:

  • Core fonts
  • Core colors
  • Logos
  • Imagery
  • Tone/core message

Determine the Keywords You Will Target

Keywords and phrases help your audience quickly find your website. If your content gets oversaturated with keywords, it will not appear in search results as often as it should, and you might be penalized. Thus, you have to balance your keywords. If you use the right keywords, you’ll avoid burying your key message in keyword-saturated sentences.

As a result, you’ll find a more focused audience and increase the number of people who visit your site.


Security threats are the number one enemy of any website. Websites get hacked daily, and it’s crucial to ensure your site will be secure, especially if you will be collecting any details from your audience.

Hackers can use your site to infect the users with malware. You don’t want to risk getting your site’s infrastructure invaded. Fortunately, you can protect your site through server-side security tools and web application firewall services.

There’s a list of WordPress maintenance companies that can help you make sure your website will be built following cybersecurity standards.


With good planning and organization, building a website can be easier. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll increase your chances of a successful website development project, and your business will enjoy the perfect opportunity to succeed in the online marketplace.

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