5 Web-Based File Managers for Easier File Access

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5 Web-Based File Managers for Easier File Access

Let’s say you want to build a server that you want to use as a file server. You want to give the ability for all users in your local network to access all files stored in that server via web browser. Then you start digging the web to look for a web-based file manager.

A web-based file manager is basically not too different to regular desktop-based file manager which enable you to copy, rename, delete or create a new folder. The only different is that you can only access and manage your files via web browser.

One of advantages of implementing web-based file manager is that you can access your file from anywhere via web browser which is very helpful if you are a kind of mobile person.

Here is the list of the top 5 web-based file managers you install on your file server.

1. FileVista

If most users in your local network are Windows user, you can drop your choice of web-based file manager to FileVista. The user interface of this file manager is pretty similar to Windows’s, including all the icons. Your users will be able to upload files and organize them using this tool. Before deciding to install FileVista in your file server you might want to view its demo first. Just visit this page for viewing its demo.

2. eXtplorer

Still you remember the classic interface of file explorer in Windows XP?. If you want to reminisce that time when you were a Windows XP user, eXtplorer is something you want to try. Like FileVista, you and other users in your local network can also organize files with this web-based file explorer like creating a new folder, deleting unused files, copying files and lots more. eXtplorer is available in two licenses, Mozilla Public License and GNU General Public License. Unfortunately, there is no demo page offered by this tool.

3. FileMan

FileMan tend to has a simpler interface compared to two file managers mentioned above. But, it doesn’t mean that this file manager comes with a lack of features. You can even edit your HTML files directly with its WYSIWYG editor. Functionally, FileMan is not too different to two first file manager mentioned above. You can also perform other tasks like adding new files, copy, rename, delete or lots more.

4. CKFinder

Big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle to Disney use CKFinder so you might also interested to use this web-based file manager in your company. CKFinder is actually has a simple interface but it features an image live preview like regular desktop-based file manager which is very handy if you have many images in your file server. One thing you have to know before using this file manager is that it’s a paid product.

5. FileRun

FileRun is the best choice if your are looking for a Google Drive-alike file manager. Just take a look at its demo page and you will find something very familiar — if you are a Google Drive user. The best things about FileRun is that you can integrate it with services like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Clouds, Zoho Editor and lots more. You can also install FileRun on your Android device and login with your account to access your files from anywhere.

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