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Web Design & Web Development – Know the Difference

A website takes shape when design and development teams work together to give it the desired look and feel. While web design and web development are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same. Each process has its purpose, and it is vital to understand both if you are planning to invest in a website for your business. Let us explain both processes in detail to elucidate the difference between them.

Web design

Essentially, web design is a blueprint that defines the look and layout of the site. It involves the ideation of web pages and where and how each element will go. A designer ensures that the interface is user-friendly so that they are hooked up with the site. A logical interface attracts the visitors, keeps them on the site, and entices them to navigate it. Further, it boosts the chances of conversion and retention.

Designers only conceptualize the interface and need not have an in-depth knowledge of working or building it. They use tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to create a blueprint. They take care of graphic and logo design, placement of elements like content, images, and buttons, and selection of color and font format. Further, designers ensure that the site design matches the latest trends and update it when necessary. They also design while bearing SEO principles in mind.

Web development

After the designers conceptualize the layout, the web development team gives it a real form. Developers are programmers who write the code for the website using the Markup and programming languages. It makes sense to work with a Web Design agency that can handle both creative and programming aspects. Both teams need to work in tandem to create a perfect website.

Front-end developers use tools such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the UI conceptualized by the designer. Back-end developers write the dynamic code that manages the database to store and extract data. They use high-end programming languages like Java, SQL, PHP, and Python, C++, and C#. A Full-Stack Developer has expertise in both technologies and can handle front-end and back-end development.

A collaborative effort translates into a perfect website

A website is the result of a collaborative effort of the design and development teams, and one cannot get the desired outcome without the other. Both roles are essential and must fit each other seamlessly. Designers create a vision and idea, while developers translate it into a reality. It isn’t possible to achieve either without the other, so a business must look for a team that can handle both tasks as a cohesive unit. Good communication and mutual understanding are the keys to building a site that offers a perfect user interface and exceptional user experience.

A website is the online presence of a brand, so businesses must go the extra mile to ensure that it offers the best look and feel. Having a team you can depend on for reliable design and development services gives you peace of mind and assurance of having the most impressive web presence.

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