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Web Designing Features: Checklist for Business Owners

Online trades are increasing rapidly. And, so is the competition for new entrants. Of course, there are several factors at play that decide the competition. However, there’s one factor, in particular, that is important from the very beginning- the design of a website.

It needs no mention that websites are synonymous with virtual storefronts for businesses. And so, they also need to be designed carefully, just as their physical counterparts, debrick and mortar stores are designed. Not just the interface but you should also put the emphasis on the user experience (UX). If you need to, you can hire an UX design agency to help you to create a professional, engaging user UX design.

That being said, it is noteworthy that design elements for websites are not the same as those for physical stores.

Keep reading to learn about web designing features to include in a business website.

Homepage Design

According to a report, most of the impressions are usually received on the homepage of a website. It means that any shortcoming in the design of your website’s homepage can ruin the first impression that your business has on your users. You must include features like chatbots, testimonials, CTAs, your brand logo, and other information on your homepage.

You need to be concise with the information that you share on your homepage. Not just that, but you also need to ensure that the users find it easy to navigate within your website, right from the homepage.

Footer and Header

The next thing you ought to be doing is optimizing the header and the footer of your website. Experts at David Taylor Design suggest including features like internal links and social media icons in these areas. These features would help with easy navigation within the website.

Besides, you can also include your brand logo and other terms and policies in the footer region. Experts also suggest including a CTA feature within both, the header and the footer of your website.

Introduce Business

Though not an important feature for a website ‘about us’ page is critically important for your business. Your ‘about us’ page helps your users understand your business. And likewise, understand your business’s ethical and moral values.

In addition to creating an ‘about us’ page, you must also include certain features to it, to further improve user experience. Include a small map at the bottom, embed a contact form, and also share your contact info.

Internal Page Designs

It needs no mention that internal pages help to improve a website’s overall SEO. It helps create and register new keywords for the domain, along with, improving the internal link network.

However, when creating internal pages, you must ensure that they are easily reachable. A significant feature that you can include in your internal page designs is embedding relevant media.

Backend Processing

While most of your business operations will be handled at the storefront, aka your website, there are some tasks that you’ll need to handle at the backend, as well. For example, you’ll need to manage the content and stay up to date with your site’s performance metrics.

It is suggested to include tools for SEO and CMS, along with a site analytics plugin into your web design.

Keeping it subtle yet influential web design will get you the initial start that you need. After all, it’s all about creating unforgettable user experiences. And that is what decides the success of a business, be it online or offline.

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