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Unlike JPEG, PNG is an image format that supports transparency. This makes PNG a perfect option if you want to blend an image with a background or text on your design. If you have no time to create a transparent PNG image for the design you are working on, there are lots of websites you can rely on.

We have collected some websites you can refer to every time you need a transparent PNG image. Before downloading an image, we suggest you read the applied license on the site. Some websites might don’t allow you to use their images for commercial use unless you make a purchase.

The following are 8 of the best websites to download transparent PNG images.

1. PngFind

PngFind is one of the websites to download transparent PNG images. One crucial thing to note. This website doesn’t allow you to use its images for commercial use. You can only images you downloaded from this website for personal use. This website has a massive PNG collection, with great navigation and filtering features. You can search for transparent PNG images by color, size, orientation, and type (clipart, silhouette, and icon).

2. Pngtree

There are over 5 million images offered by Pngtree, making it one of the best websites to rely on in terms of transparent PNG images. Well, not all images on this website are available in the PNG format. There is a vector format as well (AI). Pngtree is a great option if you need transparent PNG images for commercial use. However, attribution is required unless you upgrade your free account to premium. Before being able to download an image, you need to create an account first. Free account is limited to 2 downloads per day. Pngtree is a great resource if you are a professional designer. This website also has a great filtering feature where you can filter the search results by popularity, date added and download frequency.

3. StickPNG

If you are looking for a transparent PNG image like a smartphone mockup or social media icon, StickPNG is one of the websites you can refer to. This website has only about 30,000 PNG collections, but they are well-curated. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t allow you to use its images for commercial use so it might not a good option if you are a professional designer.

4. FreePNGImg

Need a transparent PNG image for commercial use? FreePNGImg is a great place to go to. Although attribution is required, at least you don’t have to spend money if you don’t regularly use PNG images. Even if you use PNG images regularly, FreePNGImg allows you to download as many images as you want. No limitation applied like Pngtree. Plus, you don’t need to create an account to download an image. This website has over 50,000 PNG images. They are well-arranged in several categories. The provided search box makes it easy for you to find the images you want. In addition to PNG files, this website also offers icons and cliparts.

5. PixelSquid

PixelSquid is a great website to download transparent PNG images if you are a 3D designer. This website offers transparent 3D PNG images from buildings, vehicles, sports, science, and so on. Images are well-arranged into several categories. PixelSquid is a freemium website. You can use its images for free, but not allowed to remove the watermark on the image. In addition to PNG, PixelSquid also offers the images in PSD format.


There are five things offered by PNGFLY: Free download, large archive, unlimited downloads, daily updates, and easy search. PNGFLY itself is a user-driven website, no wonder when it has massive image collections. According to a brief stat on its website, there are about 1,000 designers involved. They have resulted in over a million images. Unfortunately, PNGFLY doesn’t allow you to use its images for commercial use, which is not good news if you visit this website as a professional designer.

7. PurePNG

Creative Commons Zero (CC0) is a license that allows you to use a work for free for any purpose without giving any credit. If a work is licensed under CC0, it means you can use it as you like. PNG images offered by PurePNG are released under this license, enabling you to use them for your commercial design project. But first, you need to create a PurePNG account before being able to download an image. PurePNG itself is a community-driven website. According to a stat on its website, there are about 40,000 members who contribute. They have resulted in about 30,000 PNG images.

8. KissPNG

KissPNG is another community-driven website that offers free transparent PNG images. You can download images on this website without creating an account. You can also download as many images as you want. KissPNG is a great resource if you are a designer and often use PNG images on your projects. There is no specific information regarding the applied license. If you have a doubt to use the images you download from this website for commercial use, you can send an inquiry regarding the license on this page.

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