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How to Backup Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Windows provides Sticky Notes app which you can use to replace the physical sticky notes. Just like its real world counterpart, the Sticky Notes on Windows can also be used to jot down notes where you will see them — right on your desktop. The Sticky Notes app on Windows has been around since Windows Vista.

If you often use this this app, there will might be a situation where you want to backup your notes. For instance, you might want to make a switch to another PC and want to bring your sticky notes on the old computer along with you. You can create a backup of your sticky notes on current PC to be restored on the new PC where you want to switch to.

There are two ways to backup Sticky Notes in Windows 10.

Backup Sticky Notes by syncing them with your Microsoft account

While you can manually backup your sticky notes on Windows 10, you can also use the sync feature on Sticky Notes. You can use this feature by connecting your Microsoft account. This method is way simpler than the manual method. Syncing your sticky notes means that you can access your sticky notes across Windows devices using the same Microsoft account. You can even access you sticky notes from your Android device (via OneNote).

The sync feature on Sticky Notes started available since Sticky Notes version 3.0, which was updated along with Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809). So, before being able to use this feature, make sure you have updated your Windows 10 version.

To start connecting your Microsoft account, click one of the existing sticky notes and click the three-dot icon on the header section within the note.

Select All notes.

You will see all sticky notes you have created. Including the ones you deleted. On this page, click the gear icon.

Next, click the Sign in button to login with your Microsoft account.

Manual backup

For a certain reason, you might prefer the manual backup instead of using sync feature. Sticky Notes itself stores the notes you created in a hidden folder deep under your account directory. Following is the full path of the directory where Sticky Notes stores you notes.


In order to be able to find the “AppData” folder, you need to enable the “Hidden items” option on File Explorer. To do so, click the View menu on File Manager and tick the “Hidden items” option.

To backup your sticky notes, simply copy everything on the folder with the path has been mentioned above and paste them to any folder where you want to backup the notes. It would be much better to create a new folder for the backup.

To restore your notes on another Windows PC, simply copy all your backed up files on the folder with the same path as I pointed you to above. But first, make sure the Sticky Notes is not running.

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