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Common DLL Errors on Windows

One of the most annoying things we face while using Windows OS is the error popping out more often, either when installing any applications/games or in-between the applications/games. Among all such errors, DLL errors are one of the most common errors that we face in Windows OS (Operating System). Mostly, we see the error pops out which says, “.dll file is missing” and it is very irritating. Some common examples of DLL errors include –Kernel32.dll, MSVCP140.dll, MSVCR100.dll, User32.dll, Xinput1_3.dll, Advapi32.dll, WSClient.dll, VCRuntime140.dll, etc.

DLL files are the essential system files of the Windows OS to operate it properly. These files are shared by multiple applications, thus, if one DLL file is affected/corrupted, it will affect multiple applications at once. DLL files help your operating system more efficiently and boost the overall performance while consuming very little space. A single copy of DLL is used by many applications and it’s called only when the applications need it.

There are multiple causes of the DLL errors in Windows OS. These include –faulty applications, malicious software, incorrect installations, deletion of the DLL file accidentally, corrupted DLL files, etc. Here, we have mentioned some common DLL file errors with their solutions:

1. Kernel32.dll:

Kernel32.dll is one of the most common DLL errors in Windows, also known as Windows NT BASE Client API. It is responsible for handling memory usage. Whenever you start the PC, kernel.dll is loaded into the allocated protected space in the memory, and also it locates all other programs that need to be loaded in the memory. Thus, we shouldn’t delete or move this file in any manner. Unfortunately, if you encounter the error issue regarding ‘kernel32.dll file is missing‘,. Have a look at the following screenshot:

To fix this problem, you can download the kernel32.dll file easily and copy it in the installation directly, and restart the computer. The error should go away. You can also perform SFC(System File Checker) to check the missing file automatically. SFC/scannow is the default system scanner to scan and fix any issues of your PC.

2. VCruntime140.dll:

VCruntime140.dll is the DLL associated with Microsoft Visual Studio(Visual C++). This file is used by the Visual C++ Redistributable Package. This file is also an essential file, without it, the Windows can’t operate properly. If this file is moved or deleted, we get the error saying,’ VCruntime140.dll file is missing‘. Have a look at the screenshot:

This error is also very common. But, you can easily fix this problem by downloading the file. Another quick solution is, check the recycle bin as in the case, you might have deleted VCruntime140.dll accidentally. If there is the file, restore it and you won’t have an issue thereafter.

Sometimes, a Windows update can fix the issue since the DLL file is being updated every time. Switch over to the Windows update and see for the update files. Thus, update all the files and restart the computer. Your issues should disappear.

3. User32.dll:

User32.dll is also an essential file that includes Windows API functions which enable applications to use GUI(Graphical User Interface) such as desktops, menus, etc. Thus, if the User32.dll file is missing or corrupted, then Windows can’t be able to load properly and we see the error related to ‘User32.dll not found‘. Have a look here:

Thus, this error can be fixed by downloading the same file from the official website. After downloading, put the file to the system directory and your issue should be fixed.

4. D3dx9_43.dll:

D3dx9_43.dll is the DLL issue related to Microsoft’s DirectX API collection software. DirectX is needed to play advanced games and other graphics-related programs. Without DirectX, Windows PC gets lots of errors while using multimedia and advanced graphics card with applications/games. However, we get an error popping out, ‘d3dx9_43.dll file is missing‘. Take a look at the following image:

We can easily fix this issue simply by updating the DirectX software. Another way is to download the d3dx9_43.dll file from the trusted site

The outdated drivers can be the culprit for this issue. Go to the device manager and update the specified drivers and check to see if the problem persists or not.


It is quite normal for us to get errors while using Windows OS. There are lots of errors we find regularly. Among those all, DLL errors are quite frequent which is very annoying. We tried to share some of the above DLL errors and the solutions for them.

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