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8 Best Data Recovery Tools for Windows

It’s so sucks when we accidentally deleted some files when we still need them. But, don’t worry. You don’t actually need to too peevish. There are some tools that you can use to restore your accidentally deleted files. This article will show you some of the best recovery tools that you can run on your Windows machine.

Can they really restore your files?

Well, data recovery tool is actually just one way to go. You will probably have to pass some steps before your deleted file truly restored. At least you have known what you have to do when you accidentally delete your files you actually don’t want to delete.

So, anytime you experience that sucks moment, you can trust the following tools to take your files back.

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is the first option you can consider if you have your files deleted without you want it. The tool promises to offer the best of breed recovery algorithms to scavenge your accidentally deleted files. Comes with a clean and simple enough interface, you won’t have any trouble to run it by yourself.

Disk Drill is freemium software that is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (Mac version is also available). The free version of this app gives you the opportunity to restore your files for up to 1GB. All common files systems are supported by this tool including NTFS (NTFS5, EFS), FAT (FAT16, FAT32, FAT64), ExFAT, EXT4 and lots more.

2. Recuva

Anytime you want to undelete your accidentally deleted files, you can trust Recuva to do the job. Recuva is very powerful and not only can undelete files from hard drive but also other storage mediums such as USB flash drive, memory card to CD/DVD. This tool even is capable to restore your music collections on iPod if you accidentally delete them. Recuva is available for free but you can also buy the pro version of you want to get more features.

3. Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is also a nice tool to recover your lost files. Also comes with an uncomplicated interface, the tool is very easy to be learned. No need to call the technician. The main purpose of Puran File Recovery is nothing but to help you recover any lost files, no matter it’s document, image. Anything. Additionally, you can also use the tool to recover lost partitions if they haven’t been overwritten yet. Puran File Recovery can work on any version of Windows, starting from the old XP to the latest version of Windows 10. You can also get this tool for free.

4. Glary Undelete

Just like the name suggests, this tool enables you to undelete your accidentally deleted files. Like other tools mentioned earlier, Glary Undelete is also easy to use as it has a very simple interface similar to Windows Explorer which you have familiar with. Other advantages include automatic sorting by name, size and creation date of each file. Glary Undelete works well on major file systems like NTFS + EFS, FAT, NTFS. Moreover, it is also able to recover files that the user has compressed or fragmented or even encrypted on NTFS file system.

5. Wise Data Recovery

You will only find the answer how wise this tool once you tried it by yourself. The way Wise Data Recovery works is very simple. You scan the hard drive where you want to recover your deleted files from and the tool will display the results in three different color: red, yellow and green. If your files are flagged in red it means that you almost impossible to recover them. Conversely, the files that are flagged in green meaning that you can completely recover them.

Hard drive is also not the only storage mediums that Wide Data Recovery can works on. You can also restore your accidentally deleted files from other storage mediums like USB flash drives, memory cards, and even MP3 players.

6. SoftPerfect File Recovery

If you want to recover your deleted files without wanting to install any additional software, you can try using SoftPerfect File Recovery. This is a portable application that you can run on your Windows machine without having to permanently install it. This tool works with FAT and NTFS file system. Which mean, it not only works on internal hard drive only but also other storage mediums including USB flash drive which commonly available in the FAT format. It also supports compressed and encrypted volumes.

7. Restoration

Restoration focuses on your Windows system. You can use this tool for restoring files that were removed from the recycle bin or directly deleted from within Windows. Just like other tools on this list, this tool will also scan your disk to find your deleted files. If you want to look for a certain file, you can also filter the scanning result to make it easier. Same as SoftPerfect File Recovery, Restoration also doesn’t require installation.

8. FreeUndelete

Another freeware that you can use to restore your deleted files. FreeUndelete also comes with a very simple and easy to use interface so you can use it without having to ask for help from anyone. This tool also works seamlessly on major file systems like NTFS and FAT. FreeUndelete seems tend to intended for older version of Windows since there is no information that this tool is compatible with the latest version of Windows. FreeUndelete runs very well on Windows 7.

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