28 Essential File Explorer Shortcuts for Windows 10 (PDF)

As the default file manager of Windows 10, File Explorer is the app you most frequently work with. It is first app that every Windows 10 user open before starting to work with other apps. File Explorer — previously known as Windows Explorer — is where you can manage all files you have on the local storage within your Windows 10 system.

File Explorer is equipped with tens of keyboard shortcuts. You can use them to replace mouse clicks to save time. Working with keyboard shortcuts can help improving your productivity.

Speaking of keyboard shortcut in File Explorer, you must already familiar with something like Ctrl+Cto copy selected files/folders and Ctrl+Vto paste them somewhere else. They are just a little piece of keyboard shortcuts in File Explorer. As mentioned, there are tens of keyboard shortcuts you can use in File Explorer. I have collected them in the following PDF cheat sheet.


All shortcuts above have been tested on Windows 10. They might also work on other Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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