Fix Any DLL Errors in Windows 7, 8 and 10

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Fix Any DLL Errors in Windows 7, 8 and 10

DLL errors can be caused due to various reasons. The common causes include inaccurately designed system settings or passages that are unpredictable in the system components. Users can resolve such issues with the help of different programming software and tune their system setting. However, this article will give you a detailed explanation of how DLL files download for free and how you can fix any errors in Windows — whether you use Windows 7, 8, or 10, we have some simple solutions for you.

Resolve Windows 7, 8, 10 DLL Error

Tiny details matter a great deal when it comes to running your computer system. Even a small cog can potentially throw your setup off the rails and lead to unforeseen consequences. Although DLL errors may seem persistent, they are pretty solvable. Some of the top solutions you can make use of include:

Reboot your system

Any time you come across a DLL error, the first thing you need to do is restart or reboot your computer setup. Usually, DLL errors arise and make your system unresponsive. Hence, in a situation like this when you are troubleshooting the missing DLL file, a forced restart may help resolve your problem in less than no time.

Run SFC scan

SFC is short for System File Checker and comes in quite handy when facing DLL errors. Since there is a chance for DLL errors to occur due to corrupt or missing files, you can check them without causing any further delay and get your computer system back on track. All you need to do is launch an elevated Command Prompt as an administrator, type ‘sfc/scannow‘ and press enter. Download msvcp140.dll to fix DLL files.

Examine your recycle bin

Sometimes people mistakenly end up deleting files that are important. These files can also be DLL files. In case that has happened, you might want to examine your recycle bin thoroughly to ensure if there is a chance to recover the files from the bin.

Perform system restore

While system restoration sounds incredible, it does end up consuming quite a lot of time. However, you can be guaranteed to resolve any DLL errors with the help of the system recovery. It will lend you its full support and configure your OS to an earlier state. You can do so by searching for ‘System Restore’ from your ‘Start’ menu and follow the required steps.

Re-register the contaminated DLL File

This is one of the crucial solutions for getting rid of DLL errors and requires for you to be extremely careful when performing it. In order to re-register a DLL file, you need to note down the name of the DLL error that has occurred and launch Command Prompt. Then press the Windows + X keys and run the given commands one by one.

Clean Registry Keys

After a few months of using the same key module, the registry tends to get overstuffed and holds old, useless, and incorrect data. This could be due to incomplete installation, application errors, configuration conflicts, and other reasons. It makes the system slow and generates various DLL errors. Cleaning your registry can help you fix these errors easily.

Perform a clean system install

In case none of the above given solutions prove to be efficient, your last option is to perform a clean system install. Although this taking this step will wipe off all the files from your hard disk, it will give your system a fresh start. Needless to say, if you decide to go for this option, you would need to backup any data that you want to save.

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