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How to Fix File Dialog Appears in a Low Resolution in Windows 10

When attempting to open a file in a certain app in Windows 10, you find that the File Open dialog appears on a low resolution and looks blurry. It is a rare issue in Windows 10, but if it happens to you, this post will help you how to fix it.

This sort of issue typically happens if you have a computer with a dedicated graphics card (not an integrated graphics card) such as NVIDIA or AMD. To fix the issue, click the Windows 10 start menu and right-click the application which its File Open dialog appears in a low resolution and select More -> Open file location.

Right-click the shortcut file of the concerned app and select Properties.

On the Properties dialog, open the Compatibility tab and click the Change high DPI settings button.

Tick the Override high DPI scalling behavior option and click the OK button.

Before closing the Properties dialog, make sure to click the OK button to apply the change.


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