How to Enhance Volume Quality in Windows 10

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How to Enhance Volume Quality in Windows 10

Not all the time you need high volume but then comes the time when you need a complete boost in the volume so that you can enjoy the whole aura and environment easily. This is where one of the most important questions comes up, how to enhance volume in Windows 10. Well, this blog will tell you how to increase the default volume that you find in Windows 10 and enjoy music and movies in full swing.

There are various ways to complete the task that you have been waiting for here including in-built options as well as using third party tools.

Methods to Increase Volume Quality in Windows 10

1. Increase Volume Within the Software

If you feel that the volume quality of your computer is not enough then it is best to check the volume boosting option in the software you are using currently. Be it VLC media player or Windows media player, most of the software comes with volume boosting option along. For example, VLC media player allows you to increase the volume by 300 percent itself. Although higher volume may show you distortive effects in the audio clipping, it can help you with increase of volume.

In the VLC media player, you can enhance the volume, you can go to Tools -> Preferences and now click All in the bottom left corner. Locate Main Interfaces from the left hand panel. Now in the right hand panel, change the volume displayed to 300 as 300 is the maximum offered volume in VLC media player.

2. Enabling Audio Enhancements

Experience noticeable difference in the change of volume with enhancement of volume levels in Windows computer. For this, go to Settings application using Cortana search or a regular way.

Open the option mentioning ‘System‘ using which you can manage device settings easily. On the next screen, pick ‘Sound‘ from the left side and on the right side. choose ‘Device Properties‘. On the next screen, go to ‘Additional device properties‘.

With this, default speaker properties will appear on your screen. Go to the ‘Advanced‘ section from the top and check mark ‘Enable audio enhancements‘. You will be able to experience boosted volume using this method.

3. Loudness Equalization

Loudness Equalization is a feature which can be used to bring the inconsistent volume level in line. It is extremely easy to use Loudness Equalization feature, all you have to do is

  • Press Windows logo + S at the same time.
  • Type ‘Audio‘ in the search bar area and press Enter.
  • Now select ‘Audio Manage Devices‘ from the appeared list.
  • Go to Speakers and open the button of Properties.
  • Locate yourself in the Enhancements tab and check the Loudness Equalizer option.
  • Select Apply and OK.

4. Update Audio Drivers

One can update drivers by going through Device Manager, locate the audio driver and update it. This manual method may look easy but is time taking and considered as a slow process for updating your drivers. We recommend you to try Advanced Driver Updater designed by Systweak for updating drivers.

This is because Advanced Driver Updater successfully scans out all the outdated drivers in the system. All you need to do is click ‘Start Scan‘ and let the tool show you all the outdated drivers. Either select ‘Update All‘ or update a specific driver accordingly. This makes sure that all the outdated drivers are updated within no time.

It also supports a number of file systems as well as is compatible with operating systems for best performance. It makes sure that your sound experience for gaming, listening to music and watching movies is just improved.

5. Using a Third Party Application to Boost Volume

Most of the cases, all the above methods enhance the system’s volume in a much better way. However, if the problem still persists then you can rely on a third party sound boosting software to increase the volume level. Although a number of free and paid applications are available all over the market, you can think of taking advantage of FxSound.

FxSound is a strong application to boost your audio levels where fidelity, ambience, 3D surround, dynamic boost and bass are some effects that can be managed. Various other personal settings could also be managed as per your requirements and convenience as well.


We hope that you have found out specific ways to enhance volume in Windows 10 already. Are you able to listen to the highest quality music or watch the movies? We believe that driver updater and loudness equalization can certainly help you with improvement of sound apart from basic software volume level change. Which method worked best for you? Share your views on this with the comments below.

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