How to Make a Window Always-on-Top in Windows

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How to Make a Window Always-on-Top in Windows

In Ubuntu and other Linux distros, you can effortlessly make a certain window always on top by right-clicking the window bar. The story is not the same on Windows since Windows doesn’t have a built-in feature to do so. It takes a bit effort to make a certain window to be always on top in Windows. The easiest way to make a window always on top in Windows is by using a third party tool.

There are a lot of third party tools you can make use of. One of the recommended tools is DeskPins.

DeskPins is pretty cool and lightweight. It works by pinning a window that you want to make it always on top. Once you have DeskPins intalled on your system and run it, you will see a new pin icon on the system tray. Simply click the icon and select a window you want to make it always on top.

Once you make a switch from the window you have just selected, DeskPins will start pinning the window. A pinned window will have a red pin icon on its bar. To unpin a pinned window, you can click this icon.

DeskPins allows you to select multuple windows to be pinned. To unpin all pinned windows at once, you can right-click the DeskPins icon on the system tray and select Remove all pins.

Where to get DeskPins?

DeskPins is a free tool. In addition, it is also open source. You can get it from its official site. This tool works on all Windows versions. From the old Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. Installing DeskPins is really straightforward. Just like installing other Windows apps via a binary file (EXE) which typically features a handy wizard.

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