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How to Mount An ISO File in Windows 10

ISO is actually one the types of archive file. It is a disk image optical discs. An ISO file contains everything that would be written to an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. As an archive file, ISO files can be extracted using certain tool. Or, you can also mount it to see all of the contained files.

In Windows, one of the tools you can use to mount an ISO file is PowerISO. It is a freemium tool, meaning that you can use it for free. The latest version of binary file of PowerISO can be downloaded on its official site. This article will show you how to mount an ISO file in Windows 10. I use PowerISO version 7.1 which I downloaded from Cnet in this article.

To start mounting, launch the PowerISO app on your computer and click the Mount menu and select Mount image to drive option.

Select an ISO file you want to mount and click the Open button.

Now, take a switch to File Explorer and go to the CD Drive. You should see all of the contained files of the ISO file youu have just mounted.

The next is up to. In most case, people will usually copy the files on other location for certain purpose. Like creating a bootable USB.

Once you are done with the files contained on the ISO file you mounted and want to unmount it, simple return to the Mount menu and select Unmount drive.


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