6 Must-Have Windows Software for College Students

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6 Must-Have Windows Software for College Students

One of the key features of students’ high academic performance in college becomes using educational apps and programs to increase their productivity. Any student today has access to a pool of different educational materials and resources, from apps that solve Math tasks to writing services that are observed at top rated essay writing websites. In addition to the best essay writing service reviews that help to find academic help, there are many apps and programs for your PC that can make your studies more manageable and more organized. In this article, we will observe the top popular of them.

Top useful Windows programs for your educational needs

Not to waste your time on searching free programs for your PC, we completed the list of top popular Windows software used by college students. Enjoy!

1. One Note

One Note. Note-taking is the process we do every day, so it’s essential to do it quickly, tag by subjects, and have the ability to organize and structure them at your convenience. The app can help you make quick notes, customize them, and share with your friends. The program has charts, the option of handwritten text, and also integrates all data with other Office apps such as Word and PowerPoint. Thus you can always find all your lectures, lessons, and other projects and jump between them in one app.

2. Google Drive

With this program, you can forget about the lack of free space on your device. Now you have full access to all files shared between other students, educational materials, and library (as long as you have access to the Internet). This platform is just perfect for collaboration with your mates and exchanging information quickly, not losing the original quality (for example, images with lecture notes). It comes with several Office apps for more convenient work.

3. myHomework

In college, planning is the key to your success. If you don’t manage your time correctly, you can easily be left behind buried over the pile of tasks with missed deadlines. This planner can help you organize your time to cope with your homework, college activities, and also find time to relax. It provides such features as a calendar to create a schedule, assignments list to tick off completed tasks, reminders, a tracker, and file attachment for convenient planning.

4. Polar Bookshelf

This is the manager of documents – web content links, articles, e-books, pdf, word and video files, etc. It lets you conveniently keep all the materials in one place, and provides tags and flashcards for customized organization. Here you can add comments and annotations, and it also restores re-open documents and keeps them safe.

5. Zotero

As research is one of the main parts of college assignments, it is always good to have a reference manager that can help you find information and cite sources easily. This app is an open-source tool that allows us to collect and organize information, and cite references. It supports all the major styles and even specific ones for journalism majors.

6. Grammarly.

Last, but not the least tool on our list is grammar and punctuation checker. With all the papers we have to write, even professional writers make mistakes and typos. This tool can be integrated into your browser and check your documents online, offering correct improvements.

These are just a few of the hundreds of useful apps you can download to increase your performance. Make use of them to improve your grades and obtain excellent skills.

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