5 Ways to Open Registry Editor in Windows 10

If you often make some tweaks over your Windows system, chances are you often access Registry Editor as well. Most Windows users open Registry Editor via the Run command. But, it is only one of some ways to open Registry Editor. There are several other ways to open Registry Editor in Windows.

Registry Editor itself is a user interface provided by Windows to access Windows Registry, a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings in Windows operating system. This database contains information, settings and options regarding the programs and hardware installed on Windows.

As said above, the most common way to open Registry Editor is via Run command, but there are also several other ways to open Registry Editor.

I have collected 5 ways you can try to open Registry Editor in Windows. All methods below were tested on Windows 10, but you should also apply them on older versions like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

1. Open Registry Editor via Run

Open Run (Windows key+R) and type “regedit” on the search box.

2. Open Registry Editor via Search

Simply type “regedit” on the Windows Search and hit enter once you got regedit.

3. Open Registry Editor via Command Prompt

If you are working with Command Prompt, you can also open Registry directly from there. Simply type “regedit” on Command Prompt and hit enter to open Registry.

4. Open Registry Editor via PowerShell

Or, if you are working with Windows PowerShell, you can also open Registry from there. Again, simply type “regedit” and hit enter to open Registry from Windows PowerShell.

5. Open Registry via File Explorer

In addition to four methods above, you can also open Registry Editor via File Explorer. To do so, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ and find the regedt32 file. Double click that file to run Registry Editor.

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