How to Remove Administrator Password on HP Laptop Windows 10

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How to Remove Administrator Password on HP Laptop Windows 10

People get used to protecting the Windows computer with a strong and unique login password so that unauthorized access can be blocked. However, do you know how to remove the administrator password for HP series laptop, including HP Pavilion, Envy, Elite, Stream and so on? How to remove the password if you are locked out of HP laptop? Don’t worry, you will get the effective methods to remove administrator password on HP Windows 10 laptop.

Method 1: Manually Remove Administrator Password from Settings with Old Password

If you are using the HP laptop and do not want the password protection anymore, you can read the following details to remove/reset your administrator password. This process needs to enter the old password.

Step 1: You can go to Windows Settings from Windows Start Menu or by search as you are login as the administrator. Then you can click on Accounts to continue.

Step 2: On the Accounts left menu, you can click on Sign-in options. After that, you can find the Change button under the Password option. Click it to change your administrator account.

Step 3: Now you need to prove the account belongs to you by entering the current password. After you finish the input, click the Next button to go ahead.

Step 4: In order to remove the administrator password, you should directly click the Next button on this windows. If you want to reset the password, you can enter the new password and password hint.

Method 2: Remove HP Windows 10 Administrator Password via Command Prompt

To take advantage of Command Prompt to change the Windows 10 password, you need to sign in to the Windows 10 with the administrator account and password.

Step 1: Run the Command Prompt as administrator. You can search “command prompt” on the search box and then right-click Command Prompt app to run as administrator.

Step 2: Enter the following commands: net user YOUR ADDMINISTROA NAME *. Press Enter key to execute the command.

Step 3: At this moment, you will be asked to type a password for the user. You can press Enter key twice to bypass the operations and clear the administrator password.

Method 3: Remove Administrator Password When You Are Locked out of HP Laptop

If you are locked out of HP laptop when the password is lost, what can you do to remove the administrator password without data loss? Luckily, you can make full use of Windows Password Genius to remove lost/forgotten administrator/ Microsoft/ Local account password at ease. This software is compatible with all brands of Windows laptop and Windows operating systems. Besides, there is no doubt that you will not lose any data after the Windows login password is removed.

Step 1: Launch the program on any accessible desktop or laptop and select the USB Devices option. If you do not have a Windows computer, you can download the Mac version on Mac. At the same time, you need to prepare a workable USB for password reset disk creation.

Step 2: Insert the USB into the computer. After the software detects it, click on Begin burning. You should be aware that the data on USB will be erased.

Step 3: After the successfully burning, you can disconnect the USB from the computer. Now you can apply the USB to your locked HP laptop. After inserting the USB correctly, you can restart the computer and press the F12 key until you enter the BIOS boot settings. Next, choose the USB flash drive to boot from.

Step 4: Once you boot HP laptop from USB successfully, you can select the Administrator account and click the Reset Password button. This will help to reset your HP laptop with a blank password quickly. Finally, you can click the Reboot button and log in to your Windows 10 administrator without entering password.

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