How to Restore Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 10

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How to Restore Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows 10

The Sticky Notes app on Windows 10 is pretty useful to jot down things like to-do lists, ideas that suddenly come to mind and so on. But what if you accidentally deleted a note? Can it be restored? Yes, it can. Read on to find out how.

Sticky Notes itself is not new stuff in the world of Windows operating system as it has been around since Windows Vista. In Windows 10, the Sticky Notes app is getting better and better. Microsoft has improved the features of the app. Today, Sticky Notes has supported sync, allowing you to backup your notes and immediately restore a note if you accidentally deleted it. You just need to log in with your Microsoft account to be able to sync your notes.

To make you sure have logged in, you can click the three-line icon on the upper-right of each note (you can select any note). Select Note list to see all of your existing notes.

On the note list, click the gear icon on the and click the Sign in button and login with your Microsoft account.

How to restore the deleted notes

After logging in, everything you write on Sticky Notes will be synced to the cloud. You can restore a note once you realize you have accidentally deleted it. To do so, go to and login with your Microsoft account (example:

You will be taken to the web version of Outlook. Click on Deleted Items on the left panel. This will display your deleted notes on Sticky Notes.

To restore the deleted notes, hover your mouse over the notes you want to restore and tick the radio button to select them. Click the Restore button to restore them.

Return to Sticky Notes to see if your deleted notes have been restored. Wait for a second if you can’t see them since the syncing process may take seconds. If you keep unable to find them try to click the Sync now button on the Sticky Notes settings (you can click the gear icon on the note list to open the Sticky Notes settings).

Please note that your deleted notes won’t last forever on the cloud. Microsoft only keeps them for about 30 days.

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