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The Run feature on Windows is like the Doraemon’s anywhere door. You can use it to go to some setting locations on Windows as well as to launch apps. But, you need a unique key (command) for every single destination you want to go to. There are over one hundred commands you can execute on the Run dialog box.

Run itself is available on all versions of Windows — starting with Windows 95. This feature is still available on Windows 10. You can open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows + R buttons. As the dialog box appears, you can start typing a recognized command to go to a certain setting or launch an app. As I mentioned above, there are over one hundred commands you can execute via this box.

I have put together those commands on the sheet which you can download below. I have tested every single command on the sheet below on Windows 10.

Simply download the PDF below to figure out the list of commands you can execute via Run dialog box.

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