You don’t need to always rely on a tune-up tool like CCleaner to clean up your disk. Windows has a built-in utility you can make use of. The tool is Disk Cleanup. You can open this tool either from the start menu or Command Prompt.

Disk Cleanup is not a new tool. It has been around since Windows 98 and still available on the current Windows version, Windows 10. While you can open Disk Cleanup manually every time you think it’s time to clean up your disk, you can also make use of the Task Scheduler — another built-in utility of Windows — to regularly perform disk clean up.

Both Disk Cleanup and Task Scheduler are available on all Windows versions, not just Windows 10. Thus, although the example below is done on Windows 10, you should also follow the same steps for other Windows versions.

To get started, open Task Scheduler. On Windows 10, you can find this tool under the Windows Administrative Tools folder on the start menu.

Once the Task Scheduler window opens, click the the Action menu and select Create Basic Task.

Give your task a name and description then click the Next button.

Select the schedule period. Task Scheduler offers some options that you can use. In this example, I am going to select Monthly. Click the Next button to continue.

I want Task Scheduler to run Disk Cleanup on day 26 each month at 17.00 PM.

On the next step — since you want to schedule Disk Cleanup — Select Start a program and click the Next button.

Enter cleanmgr.exe on the Program/script field and click the Next button.

On the next step, simply click the Finish button.

Task Scheduler will add the task you have just scheduled on its library. The status is ready, yet is not running. You need to run it first to instruct Task Scheduler to run Disk Cleaner on the time you have specified. To do so, click the Task Scheduler Library folder on the left panel. Select your task and click the Run button on the right panel.

You can edit the scheduled task. If you want to change the schedule period, simply double-click the task and Task Scheduler will bring up the Properties window where you can change the applied parameters. Select the Triggers tab to edit the schedule period.

Final thoughts

Both Disk Cleanup and Task Scheduler are built-in tools of Windows. These tools are available on all Windows versions, not just Windows 10. Combining them, you don’t need to use any tune-up tool to clean up your disk.


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