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7 Screen Recorder Software for Windows 10

In case you haven’t known, Windows 10 has a built-in tool (Game DVR) which you can use to record the screen. But, it has some downsides. Game DVR can only record the screen in a full screen mode and not all apps can be recorded. Game DVR is designed to record and stream video games so only apps recognized as games can be recorded. Such apps as Google Chrome and Firefox can’t be recorded by Game DVR.

If you need a Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10 to record certain apps, the following tools are worth to try.

You might need a screen recorder to demonstrate how to use the app you are developing. Or, you might need it to create tutorial video of how to solve a problem using certain app. Or, you might want to create an attractive learning material. Whatever your purpose, following are some screen recorder you can use.

1. iSpring Cam

If you need a screen recorder for a serious purpose, iSpring Cam is one of the best tools you can consider. It is a feature-rich screen recorder which you can use for a team work. You can work with your team remotely thanks to is cloud support. iSpring Cam is designed specifically for creating video lessons and e-Learning presentations. This tool allows you to select certain area to be recorded. To make your video more informative, you can record voice over with your microphone. It is also possible if you want to add Windows 10 system sounds. Another handy feature that makes your video presentations/tutorials easier to learn is mouse highlight. This feature allows you to emphasis important details and steps. iSpring Cam is a paid tool, but free version is also available but with minimum features.

2. ShareX

ShareX is an open source screen recorder. Actually, this tool is not developed specifically to be a screen recorder. Instead, it is a versatile tool which you can use capture and record the screen. You can use this tool to record a screen and turn the recorded screencast into an animated GIF. You can also use ShareX to record your desktop screen, but you need to install the FFmpeg library first. No worries, you will be asked to install this plugin on the first use of screen recording via a pop-up dialog and ShareX will automatically download and install the plugin. ShareX itself is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

3. ezvid

ezvid is a great enough screen recording. It comes with a simple editor that allows your to add text or additional photo/video on the recorded screencast. During recording, you can also add emoji and funny elements like thumb, arrow, “FAIL” word and so on. ezvid allows you to record selected screen region. You don’t need to pay anything to use this tool. It’s free to use. The downside, you will see a ezvid branding on the opening part of the screencast. Something like “made with ezvid” and you can’t remove it. ezvid is handy enough if you need to create a simple tutorial on how to use a certain desktop app.

4. Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder is a simple tool which you can use to both capture and record the screen. If you use this tool to record screen, there are three modes you can choose: full screen, window and selected region. This tool is pretty simple, yet useful to record screen activities. It’s pretty handy if you want to create a comprehensive tutorial video as you can use it to collect screencasts before editing them using a more advanced video editor. Free Screen Video Recorder itself is a freemium tool. If you use the free version, your screencast will contain a Free Screen Video Recorder watermark.

5. Active Presenter

Active Presenter is a complex screen recorder. It might takes time for you to learn how to use this tool. Active Presenter is a suited tool if you are looking for a screen tool to create a complex tutorial video. You can record screen activities while speaking. You can also use this tool to record your face using webcam. If you use this tool on laptop, it will automatically detects the webcam on our camera. Active Presenter has a built-in editor. You can add such elements as text, audio, image or additional video to the recorded screencast. Active Presenter itself is a freemium tool.

6. Bandicam

Bandicam is a simple screen recorder which you can use to collect screencasts before you edit them using a more advanced video editor in case you want to create a comprehensive tutorial video. You can also use this tool to record the whole screen, selected window or selected screen region. Bandicam itself is a freemium tool. You can use this tool for free, but the screencasts you record will contain the Bandicam watermark.

7. FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a complex video editor, much like Active Presenter. It is the tool you need if you are looking for a screen recorder that is capable of recording the webcam. FlashBack Express is a suited tool to create a tutorial video (or any other kind of video) that contains commentary, with your face is displayed on the video. But, you can also disable the audio if you want. FlashBack Express also allows you to record the whole screen, an app window or selected region. The screencast generated by FlashBack Express will be stored in a raw file with the format of .fbr, which can only be open using FlashBack Express Player. Both FlashBack Express Recorder and FlashBack Express Player are available in the single binary file package so you don’t need to install them separately. FlashBack Express itself a freemium tool. The free version of this tool won’t add a watermark to your screencasts. But, you won’t be able to add texts, images or apply video effects.

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