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Collaboration is something you can’t avoid in the digital era like today. Particularly if you are are running a digital business. Today, there are a bunch of tools that allow you to have a collaboration with your teammates or colleagues regardless of the space. Slack is one of which.

Do you still remember a popular chat app in the 90’s called miRC?

Well, miRC still exists until today, but it’s not really as popular as it used to be in 90’s and early 2000’s. Slack is basically a chat app just like miRC, but it comes with more advanced features. Slack is a professional chat app that was designed to be a virtual workspace. You can create or join a virtual workspace in Slack to work remotely with your team members.

Slack is available for a wide range of platforms, including Windows. In order to improve efficiency when working with Slack, you can also make use of the keyboard shortcuts. I have put together the Slack keyboard shortcuts which you can download on the PDF cheat sheet below. The shortcuts on the cheat sheet below work on Windows. Te be honest, I haven’t tested the shortcuts below on Linux, but chances are they also work on Linux.

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