Top Stardock Fences Alternatives for Windows Desktop Organization

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Top Stardock Fences Alternatives for Windows Desktop Organization

Your desktop will become cluttered as you use your computer more frequently and as the amount of data on it rises, making it challenging to find the files and programs you need. In this situation, a desktop organizer can be used to help organize the desktop and provide you with a categorized and personalized desktop.

The most well-known organize desktop tool is Stardock Fences. If you don’t want to use the pricey app, there are a lot of other free apps that can perform the same tasks as Stardock Fences. A list of the top Stardock Fences substitutes is provided below.

1. iTop Easy Desktop

iTop Easy Desktop is the best free alternative to Stardock Fences. You can use this application to fully customize the design of your desktop and organize your desktop files since it offers the best desktop organizing options.

It enables you to build a folder portal that looks like a File Explorer. For easy access to the files, it includes the complete directory of every folder on your computer. Additionally, iTop Easy Desktop offers hotkeys for quick file navigation and the ability to quickly hide all files on your desktop.

iTop Easy Desktop is very easy to use. First, download the free app from the official iTop website on your Windows PC. The app will automatically create boxes to arrange your programs, files, documents, and folders once you’ve launched it. Additionally, you can create a new box by right-clicking on the desktop and then editing its name.

2. Nimi Locations

Nimi Places is another best free Stardock Fences alternative and it can help you organize your Windows desktop into resizable boxes. It supports labeling files to help you identify each file.

Nimi Places can show a preview of files from the selected location and sets it apart from other tools. It makes this case more effective and convenient. The built-in media player in Windows can also be used by Nimi Places to preview photos, movies, and music files inside the container.

3. Tago Fences

Similar to Stardock Fences, Tago Fences is another desktop customization and organization tool. It is a small, straightforward application that is simple to set up and use. Users can arrange files and icons using drag and drop, too.

Tago Fences supports syncing files and their shortcuts as well as obscuring desktop icons upon startup. On the desktop, all newly created files will be immediately added to their appropriate locations. Fences can be recognized by changing color.

4. xLuanchpad

Installed software is displayed in a tidy, orderly manner by xLaunchpad. If you click the Rocket icon on your desktop dock after it has been installed, all of your installed apps will be displayed. Thus, people who are familiar with the macOS Launchpad or who have several installed apps should consider using this free tool.

In addition to organizing installed programs, xLaunchpad also organizes desktop shortcuts, files, files, and folders into groups.

5. SideSlide

With SideSlide, you can have a PC desktop that is free of clutter. It provides several boxes to organize your content instead of creating fences as other desktop organizers do. When you hover the cursor to the side of your screen, it will do what its name implies: make all content on your desktop disappear and instantly expand the folders.

The news stream feature of SideSlide is interesting. This provides a Subject Tracker that collects all of the online news and items in which you are interested.

FAQs about organizing your desktop

Q1: How can I build a fence on my computer?

You can use paid app Stardock Fences or some free app alternatives. All the tools make building a new fence simple. With iTop Easy Desktop, for example, on the desktop screen, draw a rectangle and choose “Create a Box.” Or you can choose “Create a Box” from the context menu when you right-click on a white spot on the desktop and all desktops app and files will be automatically moved to different boxes.

Q2: Is there a desktop organizer in Windows?

Yes, Windows has a function called “Sort By” that allows you to quickly organize your files, folders, and apps according to Name, Date Modified, Type, or Size. You can choose a choice from the Sort By menu by performing a right-click on your desktop. This helps you locate the desired object on a complicated desktop.

Q3: Can I group desktop icons on Windows 10/11?

Yes, with the help of third-party programs like iTop Easy Desktop, Fences, Nimi Places, Tago Fences, and Sideslide, you can group desktop icons on Windows 10/11.

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