2 Ways to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

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2 Ways to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10

Bluetooth is the easiest way to transfer files wirelessly on Windows 10 as it doesn’t require complex settings. You just need to connect the Bluetooth device (i.e. a smartphone) you want to transfer the files to (or from) with your Windows 10 computer. Without an intermediary like Wi-Fi. Today, most laptops are shipped with built-in Bluetooth.

Before being able to transfer a file via Bluetooth in Windows 10 or connect your laptop with a Bluetooth speaker or headset, the very first thing you need to do is enable the Bluetooth on your laptop. In Windows 10, there are at least 2 ways to enable Bluetooth.

Method 1: via Action Center

Action Center is a Windows 10 feature where you can enable/disable some built-in features on your laptop effortlessly. One of which is Bluetooth. This is also an area where you can find notifications related to your laptop activities. To enable Bluetooth via Action Center, first, open it by clicking the bubble icon on the leftmost side of the taskbar. Or, you can simply press the Windows+A keys on the keyboard. Simply click the Bluetooth icon to enable/disable it.

The blue tile indicates the Bluetooth is on and the grey tile indicates the opposite.

Method 2: via Windows Settings

Alternatively, you can also enable Bluetooth via Windows Settings. Windows Settings is where most Windows 10 settings are placed. From Windows Settings, you can also add a new Bluetooth device before you can exchange files between it and your Windows 10 laptop. To open Windows Settings, click the Windows 10 menu and click the gear icon.

On the Windows Settings main screen, click Devices. As you can see, there are several options here. To enable the Bluetooth, click the Bluetooth & other devices tab and simply toggle the Bluetooth switch.

To add a new Bluetooth device, you can click the plus icon above the Bluetooth switch.

Both Action Center and Windows Settings are connected to each other. When enabling Bluetooth via Windows Settings, you can disable it via Action Center. And vice versa.

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