30 Essential Windows 10 Shortcuts (PDF)

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30 Essential Windows 10 Shortcuts (PDF)

There are a lot of ways to improve your productivity. One of which is by taking advantage of the shortcuts available on the operating system use you. Windows 10 comes with a bunch of shortcuts you can use you to improve productivity by eliminating some mouse clicks. Using shortcuts when working with a computer can also make you look savvy like a hacker.

In non-Mac computer keyboards, you will find a button with a Windows logo. This button commonly lies between¬†Fn and Alt¬†buttons. In Windows 10 — and other Windows versions — this button has more combinations than you might think. You can, for instance, open System Properties by just pressing this button along with Pause/Break button instead of performing clicks here and there.

I have put together some commands on Windows you can run by pressing the Windows button combined with several buttons in a PDF sheet which you can download below. You can use the shortcuts below to access several windows on Windows 10 or open certain apps like File Explorer. You can also perform certain acts like locking up your screen without needing to make mouse click.

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