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4 Websites to Download Elementor Add-ons

Elementor allows you to create beautiful pages on your WordPress site without having to deal with HTML or CSS code. There are two Elementor versions you can use: Free and Pro. While the Pro version offers more features, you can also maximize the free version of Elementor with add-ons. In general, an Elementor add-on is a set of additional widgets developed by third-party developers. But, there are also some Elementor add-ons that add the functionality to Elementor without providing widgets. Jet Popup is one of the examples. Jet Popup allows you to create popups with the free version of Elementor.

Why do you need Elementor add-ons while you can use Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is great. It comes with a Theme Builder feature to allow you to create a WordPress theme without coding. It also comes with a Popup Builder which you can use to create beautiful popups. The problem is that Elementor only accepts a subscription-based payment model. You need to spend a monthly/yearly budget to keep using the pro version. For some people, it is a big issue.

Not all add-ons, but the vast majority of Elementor add-ons can be bought by a one-time purchase model. Meaning that you only need to pay once to use them. The following are some websites to download Elementor add-ons.

1. WordPress.org

Of course, the official plugin directory of WordPress (wordpress.org/plugins) is the first place to go to search for an Elementor add-on. An Elementor add-on itself is technically a WordPress plugin. You can install an Elementor add-on from the plugin manager of WordPress. To search for an Elementor add-on on the official plugin directory of WordPress, you can tye the “Elementor add-on” keyword on the search box. You will see some freemium Elementor add-ons on the results page, including Essential Addons, one of the most popular Elementor add-ons.

2. CodeCanyon

If you ask a WordPress user where he/she usually buys a WordPress plugin, chances are you will get the answer “CodeCanyon”. CodeCanyon is a popular marketplace where you can buy or sell WordPress plugins. You can also search for Elementor add-ons on this website. Simply enter “Elementor add-on” to the search box and you will see several items displayed on the results page. Boosted Elements is one of the examples of an Elementor add-on available on CodeCanyon. Boosted Elements — as well as other plugins on CodeCanyon — are available in a one-time purchase model.

3. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is one of the alternatives to CodeCanyon where you can search for premium WordPress plugins, including Elementor add-ons. Element X is one of the Elementor add-ons you can get from this website. You can get this add-on — as well as other WordPress plugins — with a one-time purchase model. No need to spend a monthly/yearly budget to keep using the add-on you have bought.

A brief into about Element X. This add-on comes with about 29 widgets, including Team Members, Instagram, Price Menu, Post Block, Post List, Price Menu — which are not available on Elementor Free. This add-on also comes with about 20 templates.

4. Crocoblock

Unlike the 3 websites above, Crocoblock is an individual WordPress developer. Meaning that you can only download Elementor add-ons from a single developer. There are about 17 Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock to enhance the functionality of your Elementor free. Each add-on is developed with specific functionality. For instance, Jet Popup is developed to allow you to create popups, Jet Blog is developed to allow you to display the latest articles on your WordPress site in several styles (this add-on is great to build an online magazine), Jet Tabs allows you to create on-page navigation. And so on.

Each add-on developed by Crocoblock is available for $15 to $17. While you can buy each add-on individually, Crocoblock also offers an a bundle that consists of the add-ons developed by it. Crocoblock also offers two payment models: subscription and one-time purchase ($499). Alternatively, you can also use WordPress themes like Monstroid2 to use the premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock with a one-time purchase model.

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