Accessible WordPress Themes, Chatbots, and Other Ideas to Amplify Your Conversion Opportunities

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Accessible WordPress Themes, Chatbots, and Other Ideas to Amplify Your Conversion Opportunities

It’s not always easy to convert your casual web visitors into paying customers.

The battle starts the moment they land on your site. You need to get them to say “yes” to your invitations — whether it’s buying your products, receiving your newsletters, etc.

That brings us to the question: What strategies can you execute to increase conversions?

Below are tried and tested tips that seasoned marketers use.

1. Accessible WordPress Themes

Accessibility is an essential element when designing a conversion-friendly website. It opens up your content and online services to a much broader range of potential customers.

In the United States alone, 26% of the population (or 61 million adults) have some form of disability.

If you build an accessible site, you can engage with millions of potential buyers and turbo-boost your conversion and sales opportunity and amplify your online visibility.

Achieve web accessibility by installing accessibility-ready design templates.

These layouts follow the standard accessibility requirements from the get-go and are compatible with frequently-used assistive technologies, such as screen readers and other.

Using these templates, you can minimize the need to incorporate essential accessibility elements yourself (which is tedious).

If you built your site on WordPress, choose accessible WordPress themes that match your business niche.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are powerful conversion-boosting tools because of their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Through machine learning, chatbots can collect and study relevant customer data and engagement histories. The bots will then use these to personalize product recommendations and offer exciting sales offers to your customers.

Chatbots can also interact intelligently, personably, and strategically with visitors like humans do because of their natural language processing abilities.

Bots can grasp conversational contexts and speak in different dialects, including slang. As a result, chatbots can engage visitors in meaningful and effective interactions, resulting in increased conversions.

Chatbots can even detect first-time or repeat visitors and engage them according to their stage in the customer journey. They can also operate 24/7, preventing your business from missing conversion opportunities.

So, leverage chatbots and their functionalities to boost your sales interactions, promotional campaigns, lead generation, and customer service.

3. Pop-ups

Pop-ups are excellent ways to invite customers to join your mailing list or upcoming activities and grab exciting offers.

However, pop-ups can be disruptive if you don’t design and time their appearances correctly. As a result, you can annoy your customers, ruin their browsing experience, and even repel them.

Optimize your website to get more conversions by designing compelling pop-ups. Follow these tips:

  • Make sure your pop-up offers immense added value to your customers. Your announcement must align with the content on the page where your pop-up appears. Doing so can propel visitors to consider taking your offer.
  • Design your pop-up appropriately yet attractively. Keep the layout clean, your message concise, and the colors complementary. Also, use negative spaces and the correct dimensions.
  • Display effective, visually appealing CTA buttons. You can apply minimalist designs for a subtle approach or bolder, complementary colors to catch visitors’ attention. Use yes-or-no options or imperative verb phrases (“Buy now,” “Save my seat,” etc.) to prompt them to respond favorably to your business.
  • Plan when your pop-up should appear according to its message and your marketing objectives. Should it be right when the customer arrives on the page or a few seconds after? You can also display the pop-up once visitors reach a portion of the web page related to your pop-up’s content.

4. Gift guides

Showing gift guides can convert visitors into paying customers because they help simplify their product search.

With gift guides, you can instantly give consumers a broad selection of giftable items and shorten their decision-making processes.

The result? Supercharged sales, products flying off your virtual shelves, higher customer engagement, and even returning shoppers.

Create a conversion-friendly gift guide on your site with these tips:

  • Organize gift choices by theme, recipient, occasion, interest, price, age, cause, and other factors. For example, “gifts for moms,” “gifts for pet lovers, and “gifts under $50.”
  • Create gift bundles. You can combine bestsellers with items yielding lower sales, etc. Make sure that the products supplement each other and have reasonable prices to entice customers to get them. For instance, introduce a skincare gift set containing face cleanser ($15), moisturizer ($23), and exfoliant ($29) for $60 ($7 cheaper than the total amount).
  • Use a clean layout with grids and defined sections for your gift categories. Apply negative spaces correctly to emphasize the blocks.
  • Execute SEO strategies by inserting relevant keywords into your gift guide content and titles. Optimize your gift guide as well for local searches.
  • Craft your gift guide months ahead of your target promotional date, especially for holidays and known sale events (e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday).

5. Social proof

Social proof is another ultra-effective way to convert your visitors.

Through it, customers can check how much other shoppers loved your products and services. They can learn about the quality of their buying experience and decide whether to push through with the planned purchase.

When you display social proof, you can convince potential buyers more quickly to take your offers and buy your products.

Below are some ways to showcase social proof:


Quote customers’ statements about their love for your brand. Display them at the bottom part of your homepage to immediately show visitors your products’ exceptional quality.

Pup Mom Crate exhibited testimonials in this way:

Logos of media outlets that featured your store

Tell customers that media outlets and other brands wrote about your shop in their content. You can do that by publishing their logos on your site either below or instead of your buyer testimonials.

Larq shows a perfect example of magazines raving about its self-cleaning water bottles:

Ratings and reviews

High-star ratings and positive reviews are among the best forms of social proof. You can exhibit them on your homepage, product page, or a dedicated reviews page on your site. You can even choose to showcase either or both of them.

If you get a mix of negative and positive reviews, highlight the latter and sandwich the unfavorable ones in between.

Additionally, you can automate the publication of these ratings and reviews through social proof tools to save time and effort.

Here’s a sample of customer reviews and ratings published at the bottom of ModCloth’s product page:

Get ready to amplify your conversion opportunities now

Leverage these and other conversion-boosting ideas for your company. Explore the best solutions and implementation techniques that align with your business demands and dynamics.

Additionally, monitor your performance (especially your conversion rate) and improve your execution according to the data and gleaned insights. Over time, you’ll see your conversions improve and bring in sky-soaring business profitability.

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