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ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is a popular plugin to create custom fields in WordPress, while Brizy is a simple yet powerful page builder plugin to create beautiful pages. The combination of the two allows you to add dynamic content to your page and easily style it. Brizy (the pro version) allows you to add dynamic content to the design (page and template) you are working on. Be it the default dynamic content types of WordPress — such as feature image, post meta, page title, site title, author info, and so on — or custom fields you created with ACF or the similar plugins like. This article will show you to add custom fields you created with ACF in Brizy.

What is a custom field?

Your WordPress site is constructed by a lot of fields. Let’s take the single post template as an example. Single post template is a component of WordPress that governs the style of the single post (blog post). The elements on the single post template are varied depending on the theme you use. But in general, you will see the following elements on a single post template:

  • Featured image
  • Post title
  • Post meta (date, time, author)
  • Post content

The elements above are called fields and they already available on WordPress by default. For a certain need such as movie review, you might need additional fields like movie rating, movie genre, and so on. For such a case, you can create the fields yourself. The fields you created are called custom fields. WooCommerce is one of the best examples of how custom fields supposed to be implemented.

Creating custom fields using ACF

Unless you have knowledge in PHP, the only way to create custom fields in WordPress is by using a plugin. Advanced Custom Fields (often shortened as ACF) is the most popular plugin to create custom fields in WordPress. It is available as a freemium plugin with the free version supports about 31 field types, including WYSIWYG editor, text, file, email, and number. You can download the free version of ACF on the WordPress plugin directory. Once installed and activated, go to Custom Fields -> Add New on your WordPress dashboard. Give your field group a name. To add custom field, you can click the Add Field button.

Add the field label, field name, field type, and other parameters you want to add to the field. If you want to set the field as a required field, you can toggle the Required option.

Click the Add Field button to add more fields and repeat the steps above. You can reorder the fields by dragging the upward and downward. To edit an existing field, you can click the Edit link on the field you want to edit. To delete a field, simply click the Delete link.

Once done adding the fields, go to the Location section to set the post type you want to assign the field group to. You can assign the field group whether to the default post type (blog post), custom post type, page, and other post types you have on your WordPress site. Click the Add button to assign the field group.

Next, go to the Settings section to set the placement of the field group. You can set the placement on the Position option. From the Settings section, you can also set the placement of the field label, instruction placement, and so on. Once done making the settings, click the Publish button to publish the field group.

Your custom fields are now ready to use.

Adding a custom field on a Brizy page

Unlike, say Elementor which has dedicated elements (called widgets) to add custom fields to a design, Brizy has no specific elements aimed at adding custom fields. Follow the steps below to learn how to add a custom field on a Brizy page or template.

First, create a new page or template and edit it with Brizy. New to Brizy? You can read this article to learn how to use it. On the Brizy editor, add the Text element by dragging it from the left panel and drop it to the canvas area.

Highlight (or delete) the default text and press the hash key on your keyboard (the “#” symbol). As you can see, pressing the hash key on the keyboard will show full list of the dynamic content types you can add to the page, including the custom fields you created with ACF which appear at the top of the list.

You can then style up the field type just like when you are customizing the regular static text in Brizy. You can click the element to open the settings bar where you can style it up.

The bottom line

Brizy is a great option if you are looking for an Elementor alternative that has the capability to add dynamic content. Brizy is a simple yet powerful page builder plugin that you can use to create beautiful pages on your WordPress site. It comes with a very intuitive visual editor to allow you to create the page in a visual way, without needing to deal with CSS. The dynamic content feature offered by Brizy allows you to use the page builder to create a truly dynamic WordPress-based website.

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