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How to Add Button in a WordPress Post

Some bloggers take advantages of digital products to gain more visitors to their blog. If you are also that kind of blogger then you need a button to enable your visitors get the items you offer. A fancy button with attractive look can lead a better result than regular link. If you are a WordPress blogger, there is a simple way to add a nice look button on every blog post you created. Guess what? Yes, using plugin.

Plugin is the best answer for WordPress bloggers who have no coding skill at all. Don’t worry, the plugin we are going to discuss in this post is super light and doesn’t make your WordPress blog runs slower. The plugin is called MaxButtons.

MaxButtons is one of the best button plugins for WordPress. You can use this plugin to create a button for your digital items or anything. Affiliate marketers can also take advantage of this plugin to create a better button for the products you refer.

You can add a button on both post and page. Once installed, MaxButtons will create a new button next to the Add Media button on the WordPress editor. Every time you want to add a button to your blog post just simply click that button.

Install MaxButtons

Just like usual, to install MaxButtons plugin just login to your WordPress dashboard and click the Plugins button and select Add New.

Use search box to find MaxButtons and click the Install Now button. Once installed, activate the plugin immediately.

Once MaxButtons is successfully installed you will see a new “MaxButtons” menu in your WordPress dashboard. Click on it and select Add New to create your first button.

Give your button a name to ease your job in using it later. As you can see, there are several options available to enable you set the button to match your need. I am pretty sure you know what to do. Once you done with the settings, just click the Save button.

One thing you need to notice. MaxButtons allows you to use a single button multiple times on your blog posts for different link targets. If this is you scenario, left the URL section blank.

Or, if you want to use the same button for a specific URL just fill the URL section with your preferred link.

Create a new post just like you used to doing. By now, you will see a new button named “Add Button” right next to the Add Media button. Simply press that button to add a button.

Select a button you want to add and click the Insert Button into Editor button.

Click the Add to Editor button.

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