Easy Steps to Add Disqus Comment System in WordPress

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Easy Steps to Add Disqus Comment System in WordPress

In the previous post we’ve discussed about three best third party commenting systems for WordPress. Now we are going to discus about how to install one of them — Disqus.

As I’ve described, Disqus is one of the most-adopted third party commenting systems in WordPress. It’s because this commenting system supports social media login and doesn’t designed specifically for just one social media. Your readers can also share a photo in the comment column and it will be stored on the Disqus server, not yours.

Disqus is a great tool for building a community on your blog. Disqus is also tend to safe to keep your blog from spammy comments.

Here is how to add Disqus to your WordPress.

Step one: On Disqus’s site

  • Of course, you should have a Disqus account in order to add it to your WordPress. Simply click this link to sign up and follow all the required steps.
  • Once succeed with your registration, relogin to Disqus.
  • Click this link to add a new site. Fill out your website name and choose the category that is best suited for your site. Click Create Site button.

  • After pressing the Create Site button you will be directed to a new page. Choose WordPress in the current page.

  • Again, you will be brought to a new page. Scroll down and click the Configure button.

  • On the new page, fill out the Website URL and Description columns (not required). Click the Complete Setup button.

Step two: On your WordPress site

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins –> Add new. Search for “disqus comment system” and click the Install Now button. Activate immediately once it’s installed.

  • Go to Plugins –> Installed Plugins. Click on “Configure” link on the Disqus Comment System section.

  • You will be asked to upgrade your database before continue. Just click the Upgrade button.
  • Once clicked the Upgrade button you will be directed to the new page and will be asked to login with your Disqus account. So, login with your Disqus account and click the Next button.

  • Choose the existing site (from step 1) and click the Next button.

  • Done. You have succeed installing Disqus on your WordPress blog. Now go to the Disqus moderation page to moderate your comments.

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